Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Police aren't biased - Are They?

I put these comments on the National Post site today to draw some comparisons between how the law is administered differently for protests.

"These comments by the Tamil Terrorist sympathizers and apologists have a great similarity to the Hamas apologists and sympathizers. We have the right to peacefully protest in this country but in this case it would appear they are waving the flags of terrorists and displaying the image of the head Tamil Terrorist.

I had a colleague in Fathers-4-Justice who last week had a peaceful protest at the Cookstown Outlet Mall on behalf of children being victimized by Parental Alienation. Saturday was Parental Alienation Awareness Day.

She is a mother and grandmother who dressed as Bat Girl. In an interview afterward she said I'm overwhelmed with the injustice of non-custodial parents in family law,". "We are living the nightmare."

She said that her research and awareness of parental alienation came from her first appointment with a court appointed family counselor, and her exposure to the children caught in the middle.

She said that she has no regrets, although she's not happy that she was charged with mischief and must appear in court on May 28.

Imagine a grandmother protesting for children arrested for disrupting no one on top of a water tower and these terrorist supporters disrupting the lives of thousands in Toronto and Ottawa get to spout their terrorist loving drivel and the police stand around and take their pictures. Political Correctness at its best. Don't pick on a visible minority even if they are terrorist supporters but arrest grandmothers wanting to help children."

Mike Murphy

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