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I was recently asked to write a chapter for a forthcoming book to be published shortly, WORLD WITH NO WAR
This was my chapter which has been accepted, do hope you find it of interest. if you want to use it you have my permission.


By Maggie Tuttle

Maggie Tuttle is a campaigner against HRT and has always been a campaigner for people who need support.
She is now involved with children world wide, and grandparents’ and fathers’ rights in England.

was born in Winston Green Prison, Birmingham, in 1943. When my mother was released from the prison, a judge ordered that I be kept at home with her, to help stabilize her.

My mother was to me the wickedest woman on the planet. For 13 years I suffered beating, starvation, no education, being locked for days in a room whilst she was away. I had no voice. At the age of seven I jumped from the bedroom window so that I could end a terrible life. Sadly I lived. But the do-gooders or the judge were nowhere in sight to help me.

I was just one of the millions of children worldwide forced by Governments to live a life that there are no words to explain to any one, nor would any one understand the plight of such children, unless they have been through the same situation.

My tormentor left when I was thirteen and my father, who was a good man but totally influenced by her since the day he married her, suddenly gave me all the things a child should have - food, care and love. But most of all he allowed me freedom of speech. I then made a vow to myself; there will never be any one in this world to rule over my brain or me ever again. For this reason I have never once in my life taken drugs or alcohol, and no man, woman, politician or the government will ever tell me what to do.

But tell me, has life for a child from my days changed for the better? On the contrary it has got worse, and even Grandparents and dads have no rights.
At the age of 17, I left Leicester and went to London, from where I studied music for two years. After two years I travelled the world in Show Biz as a singer, and it was from here I got educated.

During my world travels, I became aware of children’s sufferings. In Ethiopia I came in contact with the ‘spider people’. Not many have heard of them. Well here’s how it is: from birth their limbs are tied so that they will grow into adults unable to walk. They struggle on two elbows and two knees and beg for a living. This is the reason their limbs are tied up from birth. But who gives a damn? As far as I am aware, nothing has changed in Ethiopia from 40 years ago.
In Africa it has been reported, that men with AIDS are having sex with baby girls, because they are told by the witch doctors that sex with babies will cure AIDS. What is the government doing? Precious little.

In India, a gentle loving lady by the name of Mother Teresa made the world aware of the starving children of India. She opened orphanages and begged the world to help her. What she did was wonderful and her legacy has been left behind for the children. What are the authorities doing? very little.

India is touted as one of the five largest economies in the world. But the street children and slum dwellers are still living in the middle of human waste and garbage, in poor sanitary conditions, urinating and defecating openly like animals. Surely there are many more poor people living a hand-to-mouth existence outside the big cities all over India. But it is the plight of the poor children of city-slums that is particularly gut wrenching, as graphically shown in the 8-Oscars winning film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

It does not matter what part of the world we go to, children worldwide are being starved, raped, killed, sold into prostitution, cheap labour to work in factories, fields; bodies of babies used for medical research, kids used by paedophiles, kids taken from their families and fostered out or adopted for finance. My God! Kids of the world are one of the biggest businesses, with fostering and adoption costs in courts running into billions of pounds. And there is so much more at stake, the whole issue of ill treatment to children worldwide is absolutely outrageous. These children have no voice.

So where are the governments to help protect the children of the world? Too busy making wars on each other, and instigating internal skirmishes, turf wars, terrorism to push the arms sales. In some parts, these unending wars have created a new problem of child soldiers. These children, instead of going to school or playing with friends or with toys, are recruited into armies, given tough training, starved to discipline them, and given guns to kill. I wonder if this is a civilised world we talk of.

Let the children suffer. It’s another way for the elites to bring down the population in numbers.
The World Eugenics Society said at their third world conference in 1933, that by the 21st Century the population must be brought down in the third world countries like Egypt, India, Africa, Brazil and China. “As per that Population Control plan, India has the highest deaths from AIDS – judging by the deliberately inflated statistics to push for deadly carcinogens, when what children need is good diet and nutrition to fight malnutrition” says Dr. Leo Rebello, President AIDS Alternativa International. At one time, it was Africa, the media blared, that AIDS came from the monkeys. What bull, AIDS is and was man made, like all diseases are invented in the laboratories of the pharma mafia and everything is planned and programmed and revolves around world population and money.

Incidentally, at the said meeting of this society there where two very prominent persons: one was Margaret Sanger who instigated all the family planning centres and was also involved in the Birth Pill brought out in the 60s; the other person was Dr Ernest Rudin who went on to train the doctors in Hitler’s camps, and the world was aware of what those Nazi Doctors where doing to humans, especially to women and children, not even half of the truth has ever been told of the torture to women and kids. So, in the 60s the media gave great publicity that the birth pill was for freedom of women. In essence, the only thing that has come from the birth pill is women’s ill health, death and children born with disabilities and yes the population has also been brought down slightly, but at what costs? War on babies/children and mothers.

But children in India are lucky to some extent. For, unlike in the Western world, they are not taken away from their families by social services and the courts. Here in England, grandparents have no rights, which is the same for fathers who have divorced and have no rights. But the money that is made from ‘No Rights’ runs into billions of pounds a year. Think about it - if grandparents and dads were given rights to their children, the courts, foster care, adoption agents, solicitors, barristers, judges, QCs, social workers, probation officers, the doctors, nurses, counsellors, and thousands of these professional people, paid weekly, will be out of jobs. A foster career can earn over £500 a week. So no law will be passed and children will continue to be maimed, killed, sexually abused in these loveless machinery. But with a slight paradigm shift, if grandparents and dads had their rights to the children restored, the society will improve, crimes may go down, thefts and terrorism, murders and mayhem will reduce, there will be new creative pursuits to follow and peace and normalcy could return.

Women are the givers of life and without women there would be no man and no world, but there is a war on women and their bodies, with hormones, birth pills, and many other drugs. This nicely hidden war, behind the fa├žade of ‘scientific research and experiments’, is the War on Women and Children – War to Control Population – by cloning them. As long as politicians play the tune of the powers that be, this will go on.

I may not be there to see that world of robots taking charge of life and will do my best to prevent this happening.

For we are the women of the world the givers of life. Time for change.

Maggie Tuttle.

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