Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hill Times ~ Response to a one sided Feminist Rant

I am advised the letter will run in the Aug. 17 edition of The Hill Times.

Editor, Hill Times
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Editor:

Re: Harper government more connected to 'organized anti-feminism' than previous Conservative or Liberal parties, August 10/09

I read with certain dismay the column by Cynthia M√ľnster and the comments attributed to Professor Sylvia Bashevkin. The latter offered no attribution for her statements and they appear to be accepted by the columnist as though they were factual. That is often the case with feminism.

She attributes Real Women of Canada as pro-Harper and anti-feminist because they have a different perspective from the usual left leaning feminists. Real Women are non-ideological women who believe they are equal and do not need an ideology like feminism to provide a crutch.

She says …”that women are disadvantaged when it comes to politics in general. Currently there are 69 female MPs in the House of Commons,” Does she not understand women use choices to seek career paths and does she not understand these same women do not like the political battle fields. Women have the same opportunity as men at the grass roots level and those who really have a desire rise to the top. Those who are appointed by their parties as affirmative action candidates ought not to have been in the process at all and they usually lose.

Here are some quick facts: Women are the majority of employees in the Federal and Ontario Public service. In the Feds it was 54.9% in 2008 and growing. It is approaching 60% in the Ontario Public Service but no one will give me the exact number including my MPP and I defy anyone to find it on the Ontario government web site.

In the USA these are the degrees granted in 2009 and this trend has been prevalent since the early 80’s. One can easily assume it is the same in Canada. This has been compiled by Professor Mark Perry at the U of Michigan: Associate’s degrees: 167 for women for every 100 for men, Bachelor’s degrees: 142 for women for every 100 for men, Master’s degrees: 159 for women for every 100 for men, Professional degrees: 104 for women for every 100 for men, Doctoral degrees: 107 for women for every 100 for men, and Degrees at all levels: 148 for women for every 100 for men.

These are but a few of the “equality” stats and many touted by feminists such as the mysterious wage gap are mythology.

I think it is high time the feminists stopped the whining and you did an article on the Status of Men in Canada who have no special branch of government to support them.

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