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Nicholson should run for the NDP ~ NDP Remains No Dads Party

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August 18, 2009

Nicholson should run for the NDP

NDP Remains No Dads Party

Is anyone else surprised at the amount of attention and coverage a backbencher bill that sits in the 200s on the order paper is getting?
The Canadian Bar Association, a 'vested interest' in the divorce industry and its continuation as a flawed means of handling family breakdown, asked for assurances from Justice Minister Rob Nicholson that he would not support Bill C-422 to amend the Divorce Act in favor of presumptive equal parenting at their annual conference.

With divorces in Canada costing $25,000 per person on average, is it any wonder the CBA would be out to protect the status quo?
Nicholson is quoted in many news publications as saying, the interests of children must take priority over a father's right to an equal parenting role after divorce, and "I believe, and I think most people who have been involved in family law or studied this, that the best interests of the child are always paramount . . . and should be."

"I'll bet that's a slap upside the head to all the non-custodial mothers out there that relate to what fathers are going through," says Kris Titus, National Coordinator of F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada.
Fathers 4 Justice's mission is to tirelessly promote every child's right, in life and law, to be raised by both parents on an equal basis in the event of separation and/or divorce.
We further believe that such equality in parenting has been clearly shown to be in the best interests of children.

"Why does everybody have such a hard time applying the same comments to mothers? Rob should have said the interests of the children must be taken over the rights of the father AND the mother. It's an absolute bias, absolutely! With comments like that, he's better off running for the NDP, the No Dads Party," says Titus.

Speaking of the NDP. Their conference this past weekend provided them an opportunity to remake their name and their image. As reports from the conference show they did neither, continuing to focus only on domestic violence against women, they remain the No Dads Party.

Maybe Mr. Layton should be afforded an opportunity to explain his party's position on the stand when the trial for the No Dads Party begins.
CONTACT: National Coordinator, Kris Titus 1-888-345-2262 ext. 703
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