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Open Letter from F4J Fathers 4 Justice ~ Is Jack Layton being Disengenuous

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- August 12, 2008
Open Letter from F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada to Jack Layton

F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada
202-812 12th Street,
New Westminster,
V3M 4K1

Hon. Jack Layton, M.P.
Leader of the NDP,
221 Broadview Ave-Suite 100,
Toronto, ON M4M 2G4

Dear Mr. Layton:

Re: NDP Policy on Equal Parenting

We are pleased to note from your CTV interview of 2008-08-08 that you describe yourself as 'accessible' and with a 'reputation for responding well and fast'. Regrettably, your constituency staff have not been responding to telephone calls, emails and letters on Equal Parenting from numerous Canadians and our members, sometimes for months on end.

We therefore submit this Open Letter on Equal Parenting to you, and invite you to likewise respond in public, either directly or via response that we shall release to the media:

1. Does the NDP support parliamentary Private Members Motion M-483 on Equal Parenting?

M-483 April 11, 2008
[http://www2.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/GetWebOptionsCallBack.aspx?SourceSystem=PRISM&Reso urceType=Affiliation&ResourceID=78730&language=1&D isplayMode=2]
Mr. Vellacott (Saskatoon'Wanuskewin) That, in the opinion of the
House, the government should propose amendments to the Divorce Act so that law and practice ensure due process protection of rights and equality of parents, and to ensure that children benefit from equal parenting from both their mother and their father, after separation or divorce.

2. If not, what amendment is the NDP prepared to put forward to make the motion acceptable?

3. Will the NDP publicly commit to allow its members an unfettered free vote on M-483 free from party discipline and sanctions?

4. What is the official NDP policy on Equal Parenting, and, should it not have one, when will the NDP commit to publishing a policy in public?

We note that in a February 2007 SES Poll, 79% of Canadians, and 76% of NDP voters supported Equal Parenting in response to the question:

Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose federal and provincial legislation to create a presumption of equal parenting in child custody cases?

We believe Equal Parenting and Family Rights are too important to be partisan issues, and we seek all-party support for long overdue family law reform. If Denmark and Australia, among others, can adopt equal parenting provisions, there is no reason for

Canada to be a laggard.

While we note with favour that Mr. Paul Dewar will apparently be
tabling a Private Members Bill (PMB) this autumn to help equalize tax treatment for divorced parents, we specifically seek your position on more substantive Equal Parenting issues that are clearly important to most Canadians and NDP supporters, as polls indicate.

Should we not hear from you in ten business days, we shall reasonably conclude that you have explicitly chosen not make yourself accessible to Canadians and the media after all.

F4J Fathers-4-Justice (Canada) advocates for Equal Parenting and Family Law reform on behalf of those children and parents brutalized and bankrupted by the current divorce industry. We pride ourselves on our twin track campaign of non-violent direct action and political activism. It's time for all parliamentarians to address this national tragedy for the sake of the children.

In good faith,

Kris Titus

National Co-ordinator


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