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News for Monday, September 8th, 2008

Fathers group backs Conservatives
Written by Peter Jackson

Many members of a group seeking equality for men in divorce proceedings and decisions know for whom they'll be casting their ballots in a federal election.

Fathers for Justice spokesperson Denis Van Decker says the best hope of achieving their goal lies with the Conservative party.

Van Decker says much of their effort is centered around a Tory Private Member's Motion which he says the Liberals sat on for more than 10 years while the Chretien and Martin governments were in power.

Van Decker says his group openly endorses the Conservatives but there is one other party that some of his members can support.

He says the Green Party also supports equal parenting and in are his words, "into doing the right thing from a social justice point of view".

Van Decker berates the Liberals for wanting to leave the legal establishment in the judiciary as it is because in his opinion, the Grits are tied into lobbyists and and individuals who support special interests.

In what might be a surprising stand, Van Decker says the one party that leans toward social democracy is the one Fathers 4 Justice has the most trouble with.

Van Decker says the New Democrats have taken an inflexible stand on the issue of equal rights for fathers in divorce cases and claims the NDP has either ignored the group or given negative responses to their concerns.

Van Decker was arrested outside the Ottawa office of NDP Leader Jack Layton during a protest for equal rights for fathers a month ago.

Van Decker and his wife brought the group's message to Collingwood, Owen Sound, Goderich and Sarnia this past week.

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