Sunday, September 21, 2008

BBC News ~ Embryology protesters confronted ~ Fathers 4 Justice protest in the UK

Life gets ever so more complicated. If you read into what the British Government is saying the word Father is to disappear from legislation relating to parenting. This government, and our judicial system, appears to be bending over backwards to accommodate same sex couples in their efforts to have children. Will we be reduced to masturbating in small rooms looking at naked pictures to feed the growing number of women who want to conceive children but not be bothered with "mating" in the normal way with a man. When the children of such arrangements are born, will the same sex couples who have had such children, and eventually split up, go after the "father" for support ie, the guy, who for a fee, gave his sperm to a clinic by getting a few minutes of "pleasure". What makes these guys tick anyway? After all he is the biological father. Lets wait to see where this all goes. It boggles the mind. I am not against same sex couples by any stretch but when the rights of a father are suppressed in favour of a situation that by any standard is different than the natural order of things it does make you stop and think. My head is hurting over this one from way to much "what if" analysis.

Embryology protesters confronted

Fathers 4 Justice protest
The protesters missed Ms Primarolo who had left her office

A man who fathered a child for a lesbian couple has confronted a group protesting over Dawn Primarolo's role in the Human Embryology and IVF Bill.

The break-away New Fathers 4 Justice group held their first protest march near her Bristol constituency office.

The group claim the health minister's support for the Bill signalled a dismissal of the need for a male role-model in a family.

A neighbour said he was proud to have provided sperm for lesbian friends.

A Department of Health spokeswoman said it "fully recognised the role fathers play in their children's lives".

'Parents valued'

She added: "In the current law as it stands, the law refers to the need for a father, and we are replacing this with the need for supportive parenting.

"Research evidence shows that it is quality parenting that counts, rather than gender.

"We are not doing away with fathers, we are valuing all parents."

Unfortunately for the 10-strong protest group, the health minister had left her office in Chessel Street 20 minutes before they arrived.

The noisy demonstration brought residents from their homes. Several angrily confronted the group. One man, who did not want to be named, questioned the F4J's attitude and revealed he had been a sperm donor for two lesbian friends whose baby was born six months ago.

He told the protesters he was "very proud to have facilitated two mothers to have a child".

When the Embryology Bill was debated in May, Mrs Primarolo, in response to shadow health minister's Mark Simmonds demand for "male role models", said "that would create an additional hurdle" for lesbian couples and single women.

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