Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fathers-4-Justice to be at Sault Ste. Marie Court House

The following is a press release sent out today. We will be at the court house tomorrow morning to meet and greet those seeking closeness to the law if not justice.

The Text version follows for Googles Autobots to find.
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, September 3, 2008 - For immediate release —

Fathers-4-Justice Canada, Sault Ste. Marie chapter members will be present at the Sault Ste. Marie, court house on September 4, 2008 from approximately 09:30 hrs until 11:30 hrs

Our Mission:
F4J Fathers-4-Justice (Canada) believes, and will tirelessly promote, every child's RIGHT in life and law, to be raised by both parents on an equal basis in the event of separation and/or divorce. We further believe that such equality in parenting has been clearly shown to be in the best interests of children.

Our Purpose:
F4J Fathers-4-Justice (Canada ) will demand an end to the systemic removal of either parent from children's lives by family courts; F4J Fathers-4-Justice (Canada ) will demand the basic civil and human RIGHT to enjoy a meaningful, loving relationship with one's own children; F4J Fathers-4-Justice (Canada) will demand that children's rights to an equal relationship with their parents be recognized and protected in law; F4J Fathers-4-Justice (Canada ) will advocate for the dismantling of Canada's family law system, to be replaced by a fair, balanced and transparent rules-based environment

Our Campaign:
F4J Fathers 4 Justice CANADA is committed to Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) and from time to time, civil disobedience, as part of its Twin Track strategy of publicity and political pressure.

The overwhelming majority of the Canadian public support Equal Parenting because it is common sense supported by scientific research that children do better when raised by both parents. The Status Quo only serves to enrich Lawyers and impoverish families financially and emotionally. The children are the real losers when one parent and their extended family are marginalized by biased and dysfunctional family law courts.

It is not expected the police will need to be involved at this particular time ...but then..police across Canada have overreacted to our demonstrations. Recently the Metro Toronto ETF (SWAT team) used stun grenades on one of our members who was just standing on Jack Layton’s constituency roof with a banner unfurled. Perhaps because he was dressed as a SuperHero caused some cognitive dissonance?

For further information :
Mike Murphy, Sault Ste. Marie Coordinator 705-971-0505,
Email: Fax: 705-575-8748

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