Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A followup on the feminazi report

The feminazis at pulled their Alec Baldwin diatribe page today after receiving my comments posted here earlier. They obviously don't like criticism over their planned misinformation campaign. See below. Heres is what they had to say:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
No More Flaming Posts
For those of you who obviously have little intellect or no command of the English language, this website is dedicated to women's issues. Thats our scope. Period. We will not entertain any radical father's rights comments, threats, insults and we surely will not post them here. If you disagree, simply stop visiting this website. Its that simple. No one has dragged you here. There are plenty of websites which will host debates on these issues and you should go there. Any threatening letters will be reported to the FBI cybercrimes division as we have always done in the past. Our new URL does not change that fact. Think twice before you comment!

Mr. "You ought to be ashamed" should be ashamed himself. A stay at home dad for 10 years? Well, who was out working supporting the family? It was mom? I have no respect for bums like this...just more money that hard working taxpayers like myself have to shell out into the welfare system. Nice attempt at free advertisement for your book, at least you are trying to generate an income.

We are entitled to report the news and formulate our own opinions..guess that makes us radical feminists since we are not barefoot, pregnant and spending every day in the kitchen? Gee, some of us even have college degrees! What a concept! Welcome to the future.. cavemen!

The Judge
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Note the accuracy in their perceptions of the writer of the critique (me) on their planned harassment of Alec Baldwin. I was a stay-at-home-dad, therefore a bum, not a pensioner put out to pasture by a criminal wife. I was on welfare...hmmm... what a leap of intellectual enlightenment as it turns out my pension subsidized the business my ex was managing for over 11 years. If you analyze the comments it would appear that a man staying at home is a welfare bum - what does that make a stay at home wife in their view. I wonder greatly at the mental capacity of some of these people who have likely caused great ruin to their partner's life, whether that partner is a man or a woman.

It would appear a men's rights activist criticizing their illogical arguments has caused them some angst. Oh dear. Poor things.

In any event they didn't apparently accept my invitation to visit my blog or they would have seen the truth instead of making fools of themselves by writing falsehoods. But then isn't 85% of complaints of abuse by women toward men proven to be false?

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