Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Liberal MP Michael Ignatieff on Equal Parenting


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fathers 4 Justice: Michael Ignatieff supports equal parenting, but will he act?

Kris Titus with Fathers 4 Justice is calling on Liberal MP Michael Ignatieff to clarify his position on amending the Divorce Act to include a presumption of equal parenting.

In The Rights Revolution, Michael Ignatieff, in response to a 1998 parliamentary committee, wrote:

"These groups demanded that the ‘custody and access’ regime created by the Divorce Act of 1985 be replaced with a 'shared parent' regime in which both parents are given equal rights to bring up their children. These are sensible and overdue suggestions, and the fact they are being made shows that men and women are struggling to correct the rights revolution, so that equality works for everyone... In facing up to these issues, liberals also need to face up to their responsibilities."

Titus wonders how Ignatieff will reconcile the latest Liberal policy platform and proposed changes to the Divorce Act with his personal beliefs on equal parenting. In a quick search of the Liberal platform, I found only one reference to divorce:

We will also propose amendments to the federal Divorce Act, to include consideration of family violence in determining custody and access.

According to Titus, Ignatieff has faced his own personal battle with custody and access issues:

"For those who don't know, Mr. Ignatieff spent thousands of dollars on lawyers trying to gain a few extra hours access to his child after his divorce," says Titus. "There really are few people who have remained untouched by the devastation of divorce and family break down."

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Anonymous said...

what is this mean? I am mother and i do not understand why you would make this awful website.. so much hate towards women.. im not offended, im just worried!! are you ok over there, mike?

Michael J. Murphy said...

This isn't about hate for anyone. It is about injustice for Fathers. I adore women. As a stay-at-home dad of 10 years I have much in common with females - more so than probably any other man you will likely encounter. I miss the ability to hug a woman, one of my favourite ways to show affection.

What you may read, in part, is that many women hate their ex's so much they will use children as weapons against their fathers. This also can be true of some men.

You need to see the need for publications like mine as a source of information on the injustices prevalent within our legal system that reduces fathers to being an ATM for disconsolate mothers.

Not everything is right over here or indeed overall in the family law court system in Canada thus the need for blogs like this one.

Thank for visiting. I appreciate your interest.

Anonymous said...

well, however you cut it, it is a hate site and it is full of hateful mysogynistic materials. i will be making multiple complaints with google. i hope you can turn yourself around mike, the kinds of words you write on this site.. they just aren't fair to an entire gender of people across the entire world!! good luck finding some peace, mr murhpy

Michael J. Murphy said...

You are entitled to your opinion. Standing up for a father's rights and men's rights is perhaps new to you, Get used to it.

With such misandry going on by many women and the family court system many men are asserting their right to be equal. If you want to see real hate, without the ability to even comment visit many of the so-called women's rights web sites.

I note you spend a great deal of time here. If it is so hateful I suggest spending less time here and more on the women's sites that suite your taste.

sometimes the truth hurts - don't you think?

The work of Fathers 4 Justice and the Pain of Fathers ~ Activism in the UK

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