Monday, September 29, 2008

NBC, Columbus, Ohio update on 2 dads on a crane, Day 3

Day 3 For 2 Dads On A Crane
Monday, Sep 29, 2008 - 02:19 PM
("Day 3 For 2 Dads On A Crane")("It's day three for two fathers who are protesting for the rights of fathers. NBC 4 talks to the governor's spokesperson about Strickland's intentions.")

By Donna Willis

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- It's the third day for two fathers who are protesting for the rights of fathers.

Paul Fischer, who is an Ohio father dressed like Superman, and Donald Tenn, a California father who was wearing a Spiderman suit, were protesting for the rights of dads who are in custody disputes with ex-spouses.

NBC 4's Paul Stelzer reported from the scene Monday on the Ohio State campus.

The men were up on the large crane with a banner that reads, "Stop the War on Fatherhood" and "Fathers 4 Justice."

The two first started a stir Saturday morning when police and OSU fans spotted them on the crane.

Sept. 29: Crane Perchers Look For Dads' Rights

"We have supplies. We brought supplies up with us -- enough for an extended stay, Tenn said. "We're going to stay up here until our demands are met."

Fischer and Tenn want their respective governors, Ted Strickland and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to investigate what two men call corruption in the family courts.

"Specifically, why the courts are not prosecuting perjury for false accusations," Tenn said.

Tenn said fathers like him don't get a fair shake in child-custody disputes with their ex-wives.

After flying their banner over the weekend, Monday was the first day their spot on top of the crane affected the construction work on OSU's new student academic-services building.

When asked if the men felt it was OK to get in the way of the construction, Terry Kee, team captain for Fathers 4 Justice said, "Sometimes, civil disobedience in a peaceful manner is what it takes to open the eyes of America."

The construction manager said his workers don't need the crane right now because they have plenty of other work to do at the site.

Kee told the construction company the fathers would not get in the way of the crane operator. Due to safety and other concerns, though, the company did not send anyone on to the crane.

Stelzer also talked with Keith Dailey, a spokesperson for Strickland, said the governor has no plans to investigate the family court system in Ohio.

OSU campus police continued to monitor the situation, but the university had no official comment.

Stay tuned to NBC 4 and refresh for more information on this developing story.

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My email to NBC Ohio:

From: Mike Murphy
Date: 2008/9/29
Subject: Fathers 4 Justice atop crane ~ Columbus, OH

The protest going on atop the crane in your community is an outgrowth of misandric family courts who are systemically removing fathers from the lives of their children in the USA and other countries including mine here in Canada. It is turning loving, caring fathers into criminals and causing children to be left in a situation that will contribute to them having higher rates of suicide, pregnancy, interaction with criminal courts and being less stable as compared to a two parent family.

It is a tragedy of epidemic proportions and needs fixing so that on divorce or separation there is a presumption of equality for both parents in terms of custody of the affected children.

This will lead to less divorce, less need for litigation, less money going to greedy lawyers who feed off the adversarial system like vultures taking money from the pockets of the children, and better adjusted children.

Michael Murphy cid:000a01c705ad$0add39e0$6400a8c0@mikeA2GJRT6TF9


Anonymous said...

It's really too bad that the structural integrity of the crane didn't spontaneously fail, huh?

Michael J. Murphy said...

Tsk Tsk. You hate them so much you would wish them dead?

Oh dear. Such a radical and unhelpful stance.

You have reinforced my view, however, that loving fathers who are prepared to get arrested for wanting to be in their children's lives are up against a monstrous and malignant system thanks to people like you. Are you proud of that?

If so you have my sympathy.

By the way I had a great chuckle when I read your remark. It made my day! I'll make certain it shows up in my book as a good example of the hatred out there for men and fathers. I also admire your very clever way at greater anonymity when posting. Do you really have to go that far?

Hopefully your day will improve, unless of course it is already over. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

hi mike, while i may accuse your site of hate, sometimes, you gotta let it go.

check this out:

sick, and the father came to the rescue. disturbing story.

Anonymous said...

just kidding. for every article like that, there are 1000x times as many untold tales of fathers raping their kids.

Anonymous said...

Mike: I totally agree. The court system is failing these fathers as well as the kids. My son is going through this right now and it's the worst case of unjustice I have ever heard of. He's almost bankrupt due to falsification of facts that the Judge won't even look into. All on the woman's heresay and they won't let it come to trial because then all will see the mistakes the court made.It's pitiful what the system is allowing. All for greed of lawyers who are afraid to buck the judges. Hope something rightous comes from this. There are fathers who love their kids and are in pain by not being able to be with them as they should. As to child support, it should be based on the income fairly and time equally. A Concerned Mom

Michael J. Murphy said...
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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your story, concerned mom. Just because it's YOUR SON doesn't make him any less of a villain. There's a reason they aren't giving him custody. Get with it, lady.


Michael J. Murphy said...

Concerned Mom:

I left the link to Glenn Sacks site out earlier and show it here.

I'd also say that the hatred of men/fathers is sometimes evidenced by the intensity of comments left. If these were comments on anything other than men/fathers such as visible minorities, women, homosexuals, lesbians et al they would be considered hate crimes.

I'm sorry to here of your situation but it is tragic. It won't help you but I read earlier on the Glenn Sacks site of a Mom and Dad whose son was abused terribly by a young ex and her mom. You can read about it here. I never thought I would see the day when men/fathers could be considered disposable by a large segment of society. I'm sometimes just at a loss for words.

Best wishes. We will continue to plod on. I am making inroads in a small way but as the Beatles once sang "It is a long and winding road". One day at a time. Overcome one obstacle at a time.

Anonymous said...

I think some of the posters leaving comments here may not live in a state like Ohio where the father is often discriminated against. I think it's important to know that many states are vastly differing in their opinions on this matter. I am a child of a divorce and I have seen the corrupt system first hand. We all understand that each situation is different, but I have two very loving parents but my mother definitely took advantage of the system and my father paid dearly by having to live in places where he could afford rent. This means places that aren't necessarily a good place to bring up a child. So we often did a lot of traveling on the weekends when I saw him so we wouldn't have to spend time in the ghetto.

Michael J. Murphy said...


It is similar in Ontario and indeed right across Canada. It is a very lopsided legal system favouring females by far. Florida is just now introducing a new shared parenting system that seems to have promise. See my recent blog entries for the description.

The work of Fathers 4 Justice and the Pain of Fathers ~ Activism in the UK

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