Monday, September 1, 2008

Fathers 4 Justice Canada opens a Chapter in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

A new chapter of F4J Canada is starting in the Soo.  Its web site is here. There are links to the national site in the blog and membership applications on the national site if you are interested.

F4J is a direct action group devoted passionately to work toward legislative changes to have equal and shared parenting as the norm when a family seeks to divorce or separate.  The case for presumptive equal parenting has been made for many, many years. December 9th of this year marks the 10th Anniversary of the For the Sake of the Children report that recommended shared parenting as well as 47 other recommendations to improve family law in Canada. Dust is all that has been active on this document.

It also marks 10 years of government inaction and 10 needless years of destruction to children. We are grateful to Maurice Vellacott for raising this very important issue through Motion M-483..

The overwhelming majority of the Canadian public support Equal Parenting because it is common sense supported by scientific research that children do better when raised by both parents. The Status Quo only serves to enrich Lawyers and impoverish families financially and emotionally. My ex's lawyer is certainly making a pile of money by continuing the adversarial process for the past 3 years. A trial moves forward starting December 15, 2008 and you are all invited to attend. The children are the real losers when one parent and their extended family are marginalized by biased and dysfunctional family law courts.

Mike Murphy, the F4J local coordinator, can speak to that personally. I am currently going through this very process locally as mentioned above, as are thousands of other dads across the country, and even though I was the stay-at-home parent I lost custody of my children due to bias in the court system and in other organizations involved with females and I am trying to regain custody through a very adversarial and expensive court process. One local case has a dad with an ex that committed theft fraud and forgery against his former employer, had out of marriage relationships, committed theft, fraud, and forgery in the family business, brainwashed the children through a process called Parental Alienation and took off with the children he had raised from infancy. This is but one example in Sault Ste. Marie and Ontario of thousands where fathers have been victimized by unscrupulous, cunning, cold hearted, calculating, ex's. There is almost a 9-1 ratio in granting custody to females. Are we Fathers that bad? I think not!

F4J is a Family Rights group and its proposal for equal and shared parenting crosses gender lines. Many women belong and are members or volunteers. These women have seen their sons being marginalized by an unfair court system with access either diminished severely or cut off completely resulting in extended family members, including grandparents, being denied the right to see their grandchildren.

F4J will, in the future, hold demonstrations in the Soo to get the message across the status quo is no longer acceptable. An election is perhaps not far off and we can hold prospective MP's feet to the fire with pertinent questions to ensure equality for all parents in a family split.  A motion M-483 will be debated October 8, 2008 in parliament to seek changes to the divorce act. Our local MP, Mr. Martin, has been non-committal on whether he will support equality for men. Does NDP stand for "No Dad's Party" or will they consider this a non-partisan issue of worth to the thousands upon thousands of parents and children affected by the current biased and dysfunctional system.

Many of you know me from my former involvement in business here in the Soo. Please feel free to call or email me for further information and discussion.

Mike Murphy
Coordinator, Fathers 4 Justice, SSM,
Sault Ste. Marie, ON, E: f4j.sault.ste.marie at


Anonymous said...

Michigan is with you.

We are everywhere, and we are united.

Mike Saxton
Ovid, Michigan
(517) 487-8474

Michael J. Murphy said...


Good to hear from you. Benjamin Franklin once said, "The good men may do separately is small compared with what they may do collectively."

We are strong and getting stronger.

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