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Possibility of "First Man" in the White House Sheds Light on New Trend

Possibility of "First Man" in the White House Sheds Light on New Trend

Todd Palin Among Growing Number of Men Equally Sharing Parenting Roles

Last update: 4:49 p.m. EDT Sept. 11, 2008
NEW YORK, NY, Sep 11, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- With the possibility of having the first-ever First Man in the White House, Americans are starting to talk about how big a role dads really play in raising children and managing the household. According to survey results included in the "U.S. Dads Market: A Unique Profile of Fathers, Their Attitudes, Values and Behavior as Consumers, 2nd Edition" from Silver Stork research, 70% of the estimated 64 million fathers in the United States are hands on and want to keep their families first on their list of priorities. The recent introduction of Todd Palin, the non-traditional husband of the Republican candidate for Vice President, Sarah Palin has bloggers all over the Internet debating about the roles of moms and dads.
Although bloggers have varying opinions about the roles that moms and dads should be taking and whether they will or will not be voting for the Republican ticket, the "U.S. Dads Market" seems to show that Sarah Palin's non-traditional family isn't the only one that is evolving to meet the demands of modern parenting. 70% of married dads consider themselves equal parenting partners with their wives, while 69% feel that dads are changing to meet the needs of this new world. This includes the surprising research that shows that 81% of first-time dads actively participate in the baby gift registry process -- something which was initially considered to be a "mom thing."
Although evidence is pointing to a higher participation level from dads, the work doesn't appear to have an effect on family size -- more than 50% of men between the ages of 15 and 44 are planning on have children in the future.
The report focuses on the wave of males from the post-Boomer generation who are now becoming fathers and have a wide range of new influences and perspectives on parenthood. Described as the 'Dad Factor' the report details what it calls "an evolution of modern fathers today as impacted by their perceptions on gender roles, their own parents and how motherhood has also changed."
"Dads today are evolving right before our eyes," says Marta Loeb, founder of Silver Stork Research and author of the Packaged Facts Report. "Todd Palin is only the tip of the iceberg but he has truly brought into the spotlight this new evolved father who is willing to take on more responsibility and share in a true partnership with his spouse." Loeb goes on to explain that young men heading into their prime parenting years have been impacted by their Boomer mothers who were greatly impacted by the feminist movement resulting in a more liberated perspective on the role of women in the household. "These young men grew up being parented by two high-achieving, hard working adults who were less involved in their lives but equally contributing to the family," says Loeb.
Report & Research Detail
The "U.S. Dads Market: A Unique Profile of Fathers, Their Attitudes, Values and Behavior as Consumers" has been prepared by Packaged Facts and authored by Silver Stork Research and is a product. This second edition in-depth look at dads in the U.S. includes exclusive primary research conducted over a three-year period including two recently fielded surveys of over 500 dads in the U.S. via the internet. The report and a summary presentation available at are also available to the media by contacting or
About Report Author Silver Stork Research:
Silver Stork Research is the nation's only mom and dad-exclusive market research firm. Silver Stork Research conducts primary and secondary research for many national companies serving this market. As the authors of the first-ever in-depth look at the moms market (US Moms Market Report 2003 & 2005), Silver Stork was first to point to the uprising of Gen Y women and their embrace of motherhood.
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