Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shared and Equal Parenting reaches into the White House - Perhaps

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

EDITORIAL: Todd who?

From all the talk generated by Sarah Palin's vice presidential nomination, many men and women are trying to stomach the debate over whether a woman can have a demanding job and raise a family it is clear that no one has given the slightest inkling, or at any moment allowed even a scintilla of thought to enter their heads that maybe Todd Palin, her husband, is qualified to raise their children.

Whether it is Sally Quinn saying that it is always the mother who ultimately has to raise the children, or Bay Buchanan saying that Sarah is a good mother and will be a good mother, it is obvious that regardless of whether Mrs. Palin can do both jobs, Mr. Palin certainly isn't qualified to do one - raise children - at least it seems. Most men have long since given up trying to tell America that many fathers, despite what you read and hear, are taking care of their children - there are about 2.5 million single fathers with custody of their children in the U.S., according the U.S. Census. But apparently not even marital status matters anymore. Fathers, married or unmarried, are painted out of the picture, even when present.

No one cares whether Mr. Palin is going to be able to manage the transition from seasonal fisherman and oil-field production operator, to raising five children - one with Down's syndrome. Conservative, liberal, Democratic and Republican women would have you believe Mrs. Palin will nurse the child in the White House during cabinet meetings, or that instead of Mr. Palin feeding the baby his bottle, a nanny will be hired to do it because he certainly can't.

The arguments of hypocrisy are flying back and forth. Liberal women, who for years have been fighting for exclusive ownership of life, equal pay for equal work, women in the military and liberation from male dominance, are now saying stay home with the children, leave the work to men. And conservative women who have been pushing for traditional family values, a mother's right to stay at home, home schooling, and no to women in combat, are now claiming Mrs. Palin can do it all. It's malarkey.

Parenting has to be between two people - a mother and a father and vice versa. When one parent can't do something for the children, the other has the responsibility to pick up the slack. Marriage, like parenting, is also a two-way street, equal partners each bringing their strengths to bear to make up for each other's weaknesses.

Is it any wonder why so many women are single? Is it shocking why so many women are single mothers? Considering how Todd Palin has been treated by the public and press (as Mr. Irrelevant) you shouldn't be.

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