Monday, September 1, 2008

Super Heroes for Parenting

Super Heroes for Parenting

Angela Pezzotti for
Monday, September 1, 2008, 1:43PM

Fathers for Justice
Superman aka Domenic Charbonneau rolled into the Soo Saturday evening in support of the group Father 4 Justice. The group petitions for changes in the family court system and promotes equal parenting for children of divorce.

Charbonneau is part of a cross country to campaign to increase support for a Private Members Motion that is to be presented by Maurice Velliacott, MP Saskatoon-Wanuskewin on October 8th. PMM-483 proposes changes to the Federal Divorce Act to include the principle of equal parenting after divorce.

The ‘Barney Mobile’ left Vancouver August 18th and will travel to St. John New Foundland and then back track to Ottawa. The van is driven by volunteers for different legs of the tour. Charbonneau will spend the next few days driving the van through Northern Ontario.

The drivers and other volunteers dress in super hero costumes. “To demonstrate that all parents are heroes to our children.” says Charbonneau.

Charbonneau knows the pain of being separated from his 6 year old daughter and having to fight in court for permission to see her. “They are very slow and they are very adversarial” says Charbonneau who eventually fired his own lawyer when he became frustrated with her intent to demean his wife rather than concentrate on his abilities as a parent and the positive influence he would be in his daughter's life. “Fathers are more than a dollar amount on a cheque. The bias of the court system doesn’t make sense.” He says of the courts favouring the mother with custody of children.

Charbonneau’s custody fight actually began in Gatineau in the Quebec courts and then his wife and daughter moved to Sudbury. When he later moved to Oshawa his battle moved to the Ontario Family Court, “They are both awful.”

“They say it’s for the best interest of the child but isn’t having both parents in the better.” says Charbonneau. Member of the local chapter of the Fathers 4 Justice Steve Plastino agrees. “There should be a presumption of joint parenting from the get go.” Plastino has also been involved in the family court system regarding custody.

“I’m lucky now.” says Charbonneau of his situation with his ex-wife. “We can usually work things out for my daughter together.” However he is still bound by his visitation rights which allow him two weeks in the summer and one weekend a month. “A parent shouldn’t have to visit their child.” he says “They should be parenting.”

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Anonymous said...

What a disgusting idea. I hope rights for fathers are further stripped away - this sick effort is going to do nothing but spur a movement of child molesting fathers and allow resentful dads to employ the law to forcefully abduct the kids they have no right to be near. Do you want dads out there diddling their kids? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

I don't think men should really have any time with their kids unsupervised.

Michael J. Murphy said...
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Michael J. Murphy said...

To anonymous # 2

You indicate "men" should not have access to children unless it is supervised. Do you really believe that all men should be grouped in such a negative light because of your experiences. What ever happened to the notion that men and women were equal. That is misandry which is not unlike saying all people of one race are bad because of one person.

I do sympathize if you have had bad experiences with a man or some men. We are not all that bad. We are, like you, less than perfect but most men do love their children and want to do the best they can for them.

I am writing a book on my experiences and will include these comments in it. If you want to see the prologue to the book visit here:

I do not hate my ex nor any other woman but clearly her behaviour has destroyed our family. She has unresolved issues from nature (birth) with respect to mental health and nurture (incest, sexual molestation as a child) which have likely exacerbated her mental health issues and had a mother who either participated in the molestation or sat back and passively let it happen by friends of the family and family members.

She has never received any help for any of this and needs it badly.

Michael J. Murphy said...

This is a general note to dispel fears that someone, male or female, who is a provable danger to children would be dealt with through the court process and then, if warranted, would have no access or supervised access given the circumstances. Fathers-4-Justice Canada believes there should be a "presumption" of equality for shared parenting" but in no manner would assume someone who could be a danger gets it carte blanche.

This is a quote from an online petition at: "

WHEREAS the vast majority of the public supports legislation which requires a presumption of equal shared parenting arrangements of children after divorce for those parents with no proven criminal abuse towards their children, and the Federal Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access supported equal shared parenting in its 1998 Report titled – ‘For The Sake Of The Children’,

Michael J. Murphy said...

To anonymous #1

You appear to be pathologically impacted by some traumatic event. You are much like my ex who had a prolonged traumatic family problem as a child and now misandry rules her life.

You have my sympathy for having such a distorted view of the world and men. I also sympathize with your children as they will obviously have relationship problems with men given the strength of your unhealthy views.

I believe, as I do for my ex, counseling would be useful. Get some for the sake of your children.

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