Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 4 Fathers 4 Justice Spiderman still atop 125' crane in Ohio

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new way to help dads, starve them to death!!!!

For Immediate Release

Day 4
Fathers 4 Justice Spiderman still atop 125' crane – OSU Campus Police refuse to allow food or water to be raised for Donald Tenn

International Media Release
Columbus, OH

For Immediate Release –September 30, 2008
From: Fathers for Justice National Media Representative, Christine Smith

"Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be a hero of mine," says John Fowler, National Coordinator for F4J USA, "Now Donald Tenn and Paul Fisher are my heroes. Schwarzenegger is the villain. He needs to stop cowering to the radical feminists California and address the issue. By not doing so, he is ignoring the rights of California ’s children to have a loving relationship with both parents.” Why is it so difficult for an elected representative to make a simple statement stating our family law system may be broken, and we must find out how to fix it? This is the largest social justice issue of our time," says Fowler. "Governor Strickland likes to play Keno, well, he needs to stop gambling with the lives of our children and both Governors’ must address this issue. The gloves are off"

Now spending his fourth morning on the crane, Donald Tenn, aka Spiderman, has not yet negotiated his descent. Spiderman is under a tarp to ride out the nasty weather, and the deafening silence of Governor Schwarzenegger.

Hungry, thirsty and exhausted, Spiderman, Donald Tenn, remains determined knowing the suffering of not seeing his daughter is far worse than any physical pain or discomfort he might experience atop his 125' perch at Ohio State University. During this morning’s telephone interview with Fowler, he expressed great concern for the safety and well being of Tenn. “Currently, says Fowler, Ohio State University Campus Police refuse to send food or water to Tenn and they will not allow any of us to send him aid either. Fowler says, Don’s health is at risk, I fear dehydration. Thank God he is anchored up there.”

Fathers for Justice members and supporters from all over the county are calling F4J Board member for updates. Brian Holladay, an F4J board member says, “this extends way beyond just our members, other family rights groups across the United States have decided to suspend all other projects and focus on this issue until it is resolved. Right now we have families from different sides of the state headed to Columbus to lend support.”

Paul Fisher now aka Superman has descended and been taken into police custody. He is charged with vandalism and will appear in court this morning at am.

Paul Fisher agreed to come down under the exclusive watch of NBC news, who broke the story yesterday, and a safety crew from the construction site and campus security.

Christine Smith
F4J NationalMedia Coordinator
Tel: 440-749-2790 440-306-2444

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Good to see that idiot and criminal charged. Martyr he is not.

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