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Donald Tenn F4J U.S.A. ~ Confronting very Large fines

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Chief: Officers followed standard procedures during Tenn's arrest

BRAIDWOOD - Donald Tenn apparently wants nothing to do with the village again after local police gave him a couple traffic citations last weekend.

“In my line of work, I am often detained and questioned by police around the country,” Tenn, 52, of Sacramento, Calif., was quoted in a Fathers-4-Justice press advisory sent Thursday as saying.

“However, Braid-wood, Ill., is one place I hope I never return.”

Acting Braidwood Police Chief Brandon Myers said Friday that Tenn, of the F4J board, was given a verbal warning by local police for operating a vehicle with one headlight.

Following further investigation, police arrested Tenn for operating a motor vehicle on a revoked California driver's license. He did not have an Illinois driver's license, Myers noted.

“I don't know if he behaved any differently than anyone else who is arrested,” said Myers. “My officers never said anything about him being out of line. He was treated according to standard procedures. We always strive to treat everybody with dignity and respect.”

Tenn was quoted in the advisory as saying: “One's constitutional rights are completely ignored in this small town.”

“They completely ignore the law of the land, they have no jury and no trial, but they do have a mandatory vehicle impound law and fee of $500 and towing fee of $250,” he said in the advisory.

Tenn was quoted as labeling the fees as extortion, and a violation of the RICO Act.

“It's a lot of money for anyone, but for a charitable organization (F4J), this will adversely affect a lot of children and their families for months to come.”

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, is intended to eradicate organized crime by establishing strong sanctions and forfeiture provisions.

Myers said it is nice that Tenn builds himself up.

“The fact is, though, he didn't have a valid driver's license,” the chief said.

Myers said the village has an administrative impoundment license with a fee of $500, a common practice in communities throughout Illinois, he noted.

“We have had situations where the $500 administrative fee is returned if the person is found innocent of the charge,” Myers said.

In regards to the $250 towing charge, this issue is out of the hands of police, as the fees are established by the towing companies, he noted.

“I think our officers acted appropriately, according to the standards established by our police department,” Myers said.

Fathers-4-Justice is a tax-exempt organization headquartered in St. Paul, Minn.

The organization is a fathers' rights pressure group based in the United Kingdom. F4J has received national news coverage because of the circumstances of the many protests the organization has staged.

A charge of felony vandalism against Tenn, who is also known as Spiderman, was dismissed in Municipal Court on Friday, Oct. 10, in Columbus, Ohio.

Tenn was cited after he spent several days atop a construction crane during a protest at Ohio State University.

“In his attempts to bring awareness to the injustices perpetrated upon children, their parents and grandparents by our family courts, Mr. Tenn has been involved in numerous acts of civil disobedience around the country,” the F4J press advisory notes.

F4J members from several states are to rally at Heinz Field when the Pittsburgh Steelers play a home game with the New York Giants on Sunday, Oct. 26.

Read more of the public's complaint's about Braidwood.


Anonymous said...

You're not confronting anything. You're confronting non-issues with pathetic excuses for solutions that serve only to benefit child molestors, abusers, poor fathers, and complete morons. But hey, at least you're just the last one, huh?

Michael J. Murphy said...

That was a good one...

Got any more intelligent and "mothering" things to say?

Anonymous said...

#1 - Did you get your headlight fixed?

#2 - Why were you driving without a drivers license? Do you now have a valid drivers license?

3# - If you want to protest on the top of a crane, why not rent your own crane? That one was apparently not owned by you.

Unless you come up with some really good honest answers, I believe you take all integrity away from this organization.

Emotional pain does not give a person the right to break the most ordinary of laws. You would feel much better after some indepth counseling.

Michael J. Murphy said...

You make some valid points for which I don't have all the answers.

The point of the story is the seemingly excessive amounts levied for what happened. Inflation hits everywhere but hyper-inflation is enveloping Braidwood.

Many men who have been marginalized by family courts would like to get counseling, me included. It doesn't exist anywhere in North America in tax supported organizations(see the California case that might change all that) I believe there are two men's organizations in Canada that provide some private services but this is rare.

This is tongue in cheek but F4J members wouldn't climb on our own crane because no one would care. The whole point of it is to draw attention to the lack of equality for fathers dealing with family law issues and get the media involved in the same manner as Greenpeace.

Thank you for taking the time to observe and comment. Intelligent and reasoned perspectives are always welcome even if we disagree! :)

October 27, 2008 4:26 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous,

My name is Donald Tenn, there is no shame in my game as I have done no wrong, what is your name? I will answer your questions, will you answer mine?

#1- I did immediately fix my headlight, have you ever had that happen? I did not even notice it, it must be human nature.

#2- I was NOT driving without a drivers license. I do now and always have had my drivers license. In fact, I have been questioned several times including recently by the Illinois State Department of motor vehicles, when I registered the vehicle in question and when I provided my Drivers license to their office, all was well.

#3- No, that was not my crane, In fact, I no longer own much of anything as I have sold everything so that I could continue to campaign against a corrupt judiciary. I do this for our children so that they will have the right to be with BOTH fit and willing parents EQUALLY, this is the right thing to do for our children. What have you done for our children today? How about society as a whole? I was campaigning for a change in Chicago, Illinois earlier today and now I am in Wisconsin. I have no job, I rely upon the donations of good people who believe that what I am doing is in the best interest of OUR children. Yes, that includes your children as well.

Here in the US this is one of the manners in which we as good, caring, honest Americans have always campaigned against corruption for a change. OUR country was founded on these actions and I will continue to do this until the day I die, with or without your support or approval.

I receive hundreds of e-mails and as many as a dozen telephone calls every day from fathers, mothers and grandparents all over this country, everyday assuring me that these efforts are unfortunately necessary.

On a personal note, I was a stay at home daddy, I was with my daughter every day, all day. She loves and misses her daddy, or at least she did before all of the parental alienation she has been subjected to. Parental alienation is child abuse, my daughter is being abused every day. I will do all that I can to protect her and try and make a change, why? because I love her and will try and protect her with every fiber of my being, no matter what you or anyone else may believe or say.

Furthermore, my EX, Shannon Phillips of Bethany, Illinois committed perjury numerous times in a family court. A corrupt judiciary that receives federal funding for making decisions that separate fathers, mothers and grandparents from their children, encouraged this. VAWA funded organizations who also receive funding to destroy families further encouraged these acts of child abuse. What would you do to protect your child? Many people say, I would fight till I die, Or they say, I would walk through fire, Or even more extreme measures. I will merely continue with this campaign by climbing cranes, statues, demonstrating or whatever I feel I need to do to affect change. BTW, there was no damage to the crane, only good things happened as a result of this action and I would do it again tomorrow. I have taken these actions for my daughter and the millions of other little girls and boys all around this country and the world because what is happening to them is WRONG. Anyone with a moral conscience and a knowledge of right and wrong is with me, where do you stand?

My name is Donald Tenn, there is no shame in my game as I have done no wrong. I am Madison's daddy, I love my daughter and will campaign till the day I die for her rights to share in my life.

Michael J. Murphy said...

Thank you for taking time from your busy and important work to answer the questions.

The first anonymous commentator was a frequent visitor and has no intelligent things to say. Her acidic and hateful comments are spread throughout the blog. The second one is from close to Braidwood and so its probably closer to home.

You are without a doubt a man of destiny. I know exactly how you feel and I know why you do what you do. It is, as you have said in so many words, the thing that has the most meaning in your life. To fight for your daughter and let her know you will never give up.

There is no higher purpose and anyone who has a child and loves them must have some sense of the loss you and many other fathers face daily. I saw the video of the young daughter so surprised at her father coming home from Iraq and the heart warming reunion. There was a young 11 year old female wrapped around a big burly warrior and I cried. I thought of you when I saw it, and of course of my own situation with my 13 year old. I know the feelings and so do you.

You, Donald, are one of our warriors who wants no more than to have your child back in your arms and you have our undivided support in Canada. Visitors from the UK, NZ, Australia, South Africa, Ireland the Netherlands, your country and mine come to this blog to see what F4J is doing internationally.

When an event occurs such as yours and Mr. Fisher's in Ohio the numbers spike upward sharply. They are people who care what you do for they suffer the same inequities.

The work of Fathers 4 Justice and the Pain of Fathers ~ Activism in the UK

Equal and Shared Parenting ~ The Movie