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RFFJ UK 21 October 2008: Activist Trial - Date change

21 October 2008: Activist Trial - Date change

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Simon AndertonTyne Bridge protester Simon Anderton full trial date has been changed, it will now take place on 10am Tuesday 14th December 2008 at Newcastle Quayside Crown Court
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The trial is expected to last 4-5 days.

Simon spent 63 hours on the Tyne Bridge with little shelter, this fathers day protest in June was to highlight the suicides caused by broken contact orders and for every child denied access to a parent.

Please turn up and support Simon at the trial - supporter accommodation requests to info@realfathersforjustice.org

From: Mike Murphy
Date: 2008/10/21
Subject: Simon Anderton Newcastle
To: info@realfathersforjustice.org
Cc: membershipf4j@yahoogroups.com

Please convey my thanks to Simon for his difficult and challenging work creating more awareness of the court system for its systemic bias of Fathers. It is the same here in Canada as you know.

I will post any information in our local blog as well. He is in our hearts in Canada as well as at home.

I have relatives in your area at Walls End, Tyne & Wear and Tyneside and have crossed the bridge Simon was on several times back in the 90's. It shows up very clearly on Google Earth's high resolution mapping of Newcastle and area.

Michael Murphy

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