Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"NEW FATHERS 4 JUSTICE" activists Press Release


Today two "NEW FATHERS 4 JUSTICE" activists who protested on top of Harriet Harman's roof in June, were prosecuted in Westminster magistrates court. Jolly Stanesby was jailed for 2 months with a £250 fine and £500 costs and Mark Harris was given a 2 year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £500 costs.

The court case was supported by a large crowd of New Fathers 4 Justice supporters. The Dads have decided to carry on protesting in response to the inequality being levied at Mr. Harris and his co protester Jolly Stanesby.

Mark Harris said "this was a politically driven decision to send one of our protesters to jail. How can I walk and the other be sent down?"

It is said that there will be immediate response to Judge Wickham's decision with Judges and MP's being targetted.

New Fathers 4 Justice want to highlight the fact that brave dads who fight for the right to see their kids are being unfairly treated in the family courts and now so it seems the magistrates courts.

The next month,there will be a repeat of the trial as Tony Ashby and Nigel Ace stand to face similar charges in an identical protest that took place in July.




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