Monday, December 8, 2008

Benoit Leroux ~ Father 4 Justice Quebec goes to trial


"Robin" who climbed Jacques-Cartier Bridge tries to avoid being caged

Mon, 2008-12-08 17:14.
Shuyee Lee

He says he climbed the Jacques-Cartier Bridge because he loves his children and he felt he was getting a raw deal before the courts.

A trial started today for one of the members of fathers' rights group Fathers 4 Justice.

Batman's sidekick Robin - whose real identity in this case is Benoit Leroux - was nabbed in May 2005 after he allegedly scaled the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, perched on top of the superstructure and unfurled a banner for Fathers 4 Justice. He was dressed up like the superhero.

It was a chilly Victoria Day holiday and the attention-getting stunt for fathers' rights in custody battles held up traffic for several hours.

While the Montreal Boy Wonder upset a lot of motorists that day, Leroux says they're pleading legitimate defence during a trial scheduled to last a week.

"It was the only possible way to do it because we'll have witnesses (..) telling how hard and how they were not able to be heard even in the media."

Leroux faces charges of mischief, obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

As for the Robin schtick, he says he wore the costume because the group believes that the real superheroes to children are their parents, arguing for changes to child custody and access laws that they say are biased against fathers.

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