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Ignatieff blames Liberals for family break ups

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December 10, 2008

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Ignatieff blames Liberals for family break ups
Fathers 4 Justice Canada is hoping his 2002 book, the Rights Revolution, gives some insight into the man who now leads the Liberal Party in the House of Commons.

With statements like, "As a father, I find it hard not to be pained by the statistics of modern fatherhood and divorce in Canada: Mothers get custody in 86% cases, and more than 40% of children in Canada's divorced families see their fathers only once a month."
"These are sensible and overdue suggestions, and the fact that they're being made shows that men and women are struggling to correct the rights revolution, so that equality works for everyone," in reference to custody and access being replaced by shared parenting after the 1998 For the Sake of the Children report.

He goes on to say that the Liberals must shoulder some of the blame for family break up and they must 'face up to their responsibilities'.

"We couldn't agree more," says Kris Titus, National Coordinator for Fathers 4 Justice Canada. "Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Harper may just provide the perfect balance to finally help Canada's children of divorce who are suffering so badly without both their parents."

A Fathers 4 Justice member who attended candidate debates during the election says Michael reaffirmed this stand when he asked him if his opinions had changed on shared parenting since his book to which Mr. Ignatieff replied, "No".

" My question obviously prompted him to remember the pain he felt about his children and after the meeting he came over to me and thanked me for asking the question," says the Fathers 4 Justice supporter in is report to F4J Head Office.

Fathers 4 Justice Canada has many supporters who reside in Mr. Ignatieff's riding.

"Oh yes, he can expect some kind of meeting invitation from us," says Titus, "We don't like lip service from politicians as Mr. Layton could attest."

The group has an entire section devoted to Ignatieff on their website at:

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