Saturday, December 13, 2008

Keeping father in Christmas ~ Well done Fathers4Christmas

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Keeping father in Christmas


SINGING Santas have been striving to keep the father in Christmas with a protest outside Burton County Court.

News - Fathers 4 Justice protest in Burton The members of Fathers 4 Justice, many of whom are "victims of failing family law", sang doctored carols highlighting the 'injustice' of the fact that one in four children will not see their dad this Christmas.

Among the festive tunes were Deck The Judge For He Is Biased and Tis The Season To Free Jolly - an ode to Jolly Stainsby, an activist recently jailed for climbing on cainet member Harriet Harman's roof.

Protester Fraser Chatburn, a father of one from Branston, said: "We're here today to highlight the need for the father to be kept in Christmas and throughout a child's life."

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