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MISSING: Andrew John Thompson

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December 27th, 2008

MISSING: Andrew John Thompson

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Andrew Thompson aged four, was illegally abducted by his mother Melinda Thompson (also known as Melinda Stratton) from Australia in April this year.

Melinda boarded a Singapore Airlines flight in Sydney with Andrew and flew to Frankfurt, Germany. This is a criminal offense under the Australian Family Law Act.

Follow up:

They were ‘a no show’ on a booked return flight to Australia and have since disappeared. Melinda’s family have told police and others that they have no idea of their whereabouts and that Melinda had been researching ‘safe havens’ in the weeks prior to the abduction.

The abduction took place shortly after an investigation by a leading Sydney child and family psychiatrist found the mother has an underlying mental state that affects her judgment and her ability to parent effectively.

The Court has also ordered that in any publication a warning must be issued stating that no one is to approach Melinda Thompson and that any information should be provided immediately to local police and/or Interpol.

The Court did this because of alarming concerns raised by the psychiatrist about the potential for harm to Andrew or for self-harm to the mother.

The Australian Government has conducted an extensive international search for the last seven months. Interpol has issued alerts in 187 countries and the Hague Convention on International Child Abductions has been activated.
Both Andrew and Melinda are Australian Citizens, traveling on Australian Passports.
Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Andrew and Melinda should contact their local police who will contact Interpol OR contact the Australian Federal Police on +61-2-6126-7777.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Andrew’s father, contact: Robin Bowles +61-418-102-732. or mail to urgent@foreversearching who will put you in contact with Ken Thompson

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Comment from: Ken Thompson [Visitor] Email
This is a great idea. I encourage people to send this milk carton to as many people as possible around the world to help find Andrew.

Ken Thompson
(Andrew's Dad)
01/03/09 @ 19:07

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