Thursday, March 19, 2009

ACFC ~ Shared Parenting Update

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Former State Supreme Court Chief Judge Endorses Shared Parenting

Dear Mike:

Developments in the movement for Shared Parenting and family law reform abound. We are pleased to introduce a number of new affiliated organizations. The people who comprise these groups are dedicated to seeing the family law system in America overhauled. Please join with them and work to pass good laws in your state. There are a number of great places to plug in and help. If you are interested in forming, or affiliating an existing group, please click here to access affiliation information.

Welcome to these new affiliates:

Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families (WCFC), has been working for shared parenting and family law reform for a number of years. Originally incorporated in 1988, the group continues efforts to bring about change. This past January Steve Blake and I met with the Senate President to discuss the status of shared parenting and legislative initiatives to enhance parent-child contact.

Nebraskans for Family, Nebraskans for Family maintains an excellent website, full of resources for individuals dealing with family court issues in the state. Call Nebraskans for Family and find out how you can get involved in an upcoming major push for Shared Parenting.

EQUAL. The name says it all. Abbey and Thomas Hinton have formed this organization in Eastern Virginia to work family law related issues. The groups initial organizational meeting was held Febuary 24th. Afterward Equal's legislative director Josh Clark and ACFC's Mike McCormick were taped by the local ABC affiliate for a community program called "Dialogue." Thanks to Heidi Garman for her assistance and this link to the interview, Josh and Mike appear in the 3rd segment, about 15 minutes into the show. Equal is already active in Virginia's political process, give them a call and lend your support. Their website is

Illinois Fathers. Last year the Illinois legislature passed a resolution establishing a family law study committee for the purpose of reviewing and recommending changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. The report and recommendations are due the end of 2009. Illinois Fathers is one of the groups working to assure parents greater access to their children. The group is very active, please join them and volunteer your support. Illinois Fathers has already hosted several events and a major event is scheduled for June in Springfield. Find more information at

KIDS - Kids' Interest=Dual Support. This North Carolina was founded by grandmother Sheila Peltzer. You'll recall Sheila recently climbed MT. Kilimanjaro in Africa for Shared Parenting. KIDS is working in conjunction with other shared parenting activists in North Carolina. This past Tuesday a group of fifteen individuals spend the day lobbying for Shared Parenting at the state legislature. A number of State Senators, several of whom also practice family law, expressed support for family law reform and we expect to announce positive movement on the issue shortly. If you would like to volunteer and become involved in these efforts give Sheila a call at 704 350-1343 or connect with the North Carolina Shared Parenting meet up group.

Check out this Headline...

On another note, West Virginia, a leader in the push for shared parenting and family law reform reports WV's largest newspaper, The Charleston Gazette, carried a front page above the fold story on the Senate Judiciary Chairman Kessler's efforts to move shared parenting in the state. See it here. Men and Women Against Discimination have done an excellent job keeping our issues in front of legislators. Visit MAWAD here to volunteer.

Former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Judge Sandy Keith Supports Shared Parenting Calls for Family Law Improvements

Our thanks to JB and SN of Co. for supplying, and JM of NC for posting to You Tube, this video of former MN Supreme Court Chief Justice Sandy Keith testifying in favor of shared parenting. This film is from a 2004 Colorado legislative hearing. It's a powerful endorsement. Judge Keith was testifying in favor of a shared parenting law which would have maximized both parents time with the children. Unfortunately the bill did not pass.

Judge Keith, now in his 80's, and I spoke several months ago. He remains steadfast in his endorsement of Shared Parenting. Share this link with your lawmakers, other parents and centers of influence in your community and state as you build support for shared parenting and family law reform. Here's the link to this must see video.

I've burned significant shoe leather and put thousands of miles on my truck this year working for shared parenting and family law reform, both in Washington DC and around the country (North Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin,Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, New name a few). I am humbled and awed by the dedication and talents of the people working these issues. Let us hear about your family law reform efforts and activity. Thanks to all of you who have made shared parenting and family law reform your cause, together we are going to win this war.


Mike McCormick
ACFC Exec. Dir.

ACFC - Proudly representing your Shared Parenting and Family Law Reform interests with an established Washington, DC presence and nationwide through the country's largest network of Affiliated Organizations.

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