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Fathers 4 Justice US® March 2009 Newsletter

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Fathers 4 Justice US®

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Fathers 4 Justice US® March 2009 Newsletter

Recently, National Board of directors of Fathers 4 Justice, unanimously voted Donald Tenn to fill the position of president, as Jamil Jabr resigned. It was also voted to move the organization’s home office from Minnesota to California.

Although saddened by Jabr’s departure. Fathers 4 Justice Leaders have taken immediate action to support each state to grow a newly revitalized organization. “We are committed to restructuring the organization to better support our state and local leaders.’ said National Board Member Brian Holladay, ”We are working on creating a better system to handle the huge volume of calls we get every day, and to make sure people can become active in their local community”

Fathers 4 Justice is using this opportunity to announce the, “No Jail for Being a Dad” campaign which is being introduced to local, State and National Media. “The campaign is raising awareness and supporting families during these trying economic times. A parent - child relationship shouldn’t be destroyed because of the downturn in the economy. Every day single fathers who lose their jobs are being rounded up, put in jail, and charged with a felony without due process, this, simply because they are having trouble making ends meet. As a result children have to grow up missing a parent” said one board member.

Fathers 4 Justice was brought to the United States from the United Kingdom by Jamil Jabr in 2004.

Jamil brought the group to the US and helped to keep F4J-US alive while laying solid ground work for the organization. Upon his resignation, February 14, 2009, Jamil’s parting words were, “I hope that someday everyone in this movement will be able to share a common group identity to get the job done. I hope that all of you with sound mind and body can continue to proceed with the mission of reforming family law.”

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Volunteer needs

Coordinators Needed!

Currently Fathers 4 Justice is seeking people to coordinate efforts in states that are not yet organized. If you would like to volunteer for state coordinator fill out the form for your state.

Phone Contacts needed!

There are so many calls coming in on the National level that they are becoming very hard to manage. Phone Volunteers are needed to call people back and point people in the right direction. To volunteer for phone duties fill out the form on the web site.

Reporters Needed!

Have you ever been at an event and something happened and you look around and wonder if that was caught on film, or will be reported?

We need writers and on the street reporters to tell and show what is going on. What’s the REAL STORY? If you have a camera, cell phone or computer you can be an F4J Reporter! Fill out the reporter form on the Web Site to join the team.

Iwo Justice

Current or Upcoming Campaigns

No Jail For Being a Dad Campaign

Make sure you let everyone know the devastating effects of being a single father in today’s economy. Print a sign and take it to the streets, contact your local media to talk about how the loss of jobs is leaving children parentless. Get the word out and inform everyone possible on every level. This is a pr-cursor to an action alert that will be coming out in the beginning April.

National Events 2009

June 19th Fatherless Day (Lobby on the state level)

July 23-27 DC Rally/Festival (Lobby on Federal level)

Aug 29 Nationwide Micro-rallies

Have you renewed your membership this year? There are several plans to use funds to help grow states, set up new chapters and get organizational tools that will create more effective local and state groups. To renew your membership or to get new gear visit the membership section of the website.

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