Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A challenge to debate Shared and Equal Parenting

Article by Dave Flook, posted April 21/09

I'm Dave Flook from the London, Ontario based fathers rights/equal parenting organization Not All Dads Are Deadbeats (www.notalldadsaredeadbeats.com). I have started up a new campaign to call out the politicians, judges, lawyers etc. and challenge them to a public debate on the subject of equal parenting and the current climate of the Canadian family law system.

With so many dads being systematically removed from their children's lives I am seeking accountability. Surely, someone who creates or enforces these laws has the integrity to stand up for them. If nobody answers my challenge and if nobody has the integrity to show us why these laws are just then perhaps it's time to reconsider such laws. With 80% of the population supporting equal parenting this could be the campaign that has the marketing power to bring this fight to the masses and wake people up.

I already have a venue for this debate. It will be held at the Wolf Performance Hall in London Ontario which seats 369 people. The date for the debate is Tuesday, September 15th 2009. I have put in $100.00 of my own money and will be seeking donations. The winner of the debate will be determined by a democratic vote. If the opposition "wins" then they will receive the full cash pot. If I "win" then the money in full will be donated to a third party children's organization. In no way do I want to make a single dime off this challenge.

Please spread the word around. I will be writing a press release and trying to get it out. Also, contribute if you can! Imagine how much the media would eat this story up if there is a $10,000 pot!! My goal for this challenge is to get equal parenting in the news, on TV, and on radio. I will be calling Maurice Vellacott on Wednesday and seeing if I can get his personal endorsement.

The event will be free to attend. I will be looking into streaming technology and seeing if I can webcast it live.

Please watch the video and post it (using the youtube embed code) on your websites. Im putting my money and my reputation on the line with this one. Ideally, in a few weeks of exposure I would like to call out individuals in parliament personally.

I can be reached at (519) 680-3932 if you would like to talk about my challenge and/or offer advice.

Thanks for all your hard work everyone.... you all give me hope. (ed note: See video below or go directly to youtube. Leave positive comments for Dave he has done amazing work in a short period of time)


~ Dave Flook
Proud Father
Not All Dads Are Deadbeats

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