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F4J - ACTION IN PROGRESS Batman atop Johnson Street Bridge, Victoria BC

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April 25, 2009

For Immediate Release April 25, 2009

Batman atop Johnson Street Bridge, Victoria BC

F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada, known for their high flying political actions today put Burnaby Batman atop the Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria BC to declare that Liberals have been alienating families in the province since 2001 and the NDP are the No Dads Party.

The seasoned superhero veterans are pointing at the Provincial Liberals and NDP who have been more than lax on the issue of family law reform. Batman has participated in many high profile actions on behalf of Canadian children, including the commandeering of the Saskatchewan Legislature in 2008.

Halfway across the country in Alliston ON, Batgirl raises awareness for parental alienation and the need to love everyone at the Cookstown Outlet Mall.

On Parental Alienation Day we need all elected officials from every party and at every level standing up and paying attention. The situation in separated families in this country is unacceptable. The current family law regime leaves the door wide open for the manipulation of children as pawns in a battle that noone wins, least of all the children.

"When you hear the stories we hear, on a daily basis, you will understand why we must do what we do. Until there is a presumption of equal parenting in law we will be compelled to use the spotlight of the media to raise awareness. Children don't care if you're a Liberal, an NDP or a Conservative. They care that they have the full and continuous love and support of their parents as they traverse life," says Hal Legere, the groups Vice President and Legal Director.

Burnaby Batman also hangs a special flag, two simple words, "SAVE KATY". To read more about Katy and how she missed out on a Dad and an identity on our JR Justice League page.
A very recent Nanos poll supports the groups claims there is strong public support for the idea of equal parenting in law with 78% of Canadians supporting a presumption.

"We need people to write their MPs, MPPs and MLAs about the need for equal parenting today as a presumption in law." Only then will Batman be able to retire.

CONTACT: Hal Legere, Legal Director 778-837-1224

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