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F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada ~ Bat Girl Arrested! Batman Free!

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For Immediate Release April 27, 2009

Bat Girl Arrested! Batman Free!

In their typical peaceful and humorous fashion, F4J Fathers 4 Justice superheros Bat Girl and Batman hit the skies on Saturday, April 25th, to raise the profile of Parental Alienation Awareness Day.

Batman in Victoria BC was detected within hours by two unsuspecting officers who were cordial and allowed him to leave his banners in place for the weekend.

Bat Girl stayed on the Cookstown Outlet Mall water tower in Ontario for 7 hours before she was arrested and charged with mischief.

Some media outlets have incorrectly labeled Bat Girl as 'Cat Woman' thus sparking some debate as to whether Cat Woman is an actual hero and have made light of the message behind the demonstrations.

Ms. MacDonald takes the message very seriously. "Love Is For Everyone. LIFE. That's what our children deserve, beginning with equal parenting," says Paulette, "Parental Alienation is a disease that can be prevented with equal parenting."

The pair, Rob Robinson and Paulette MacDonald are just two of the many active F4J superheros fighting for truth, justice and equal parenting in family law that can be spotted, if you're lucky, flying high above a city near you.

"We are always perplexed at the difference in police responses to our actions across the country," says Hal Legere, F4J's Vice President and Legal Director, "in Toronto, the police are very aggressive and the Crown has laid some very serious charges against F4J activists. In BC, Saskatchewan and other locations, the response has been at times jovial."

Bat Girl joins 5 other Ontario activists currently awaiting trial for two superhero stunts on Jack Layton's office and a large 200' crane near the Bayview Village Mall.

If someone doesn't do something about the injustice soon, the Ontario Crown Attorney's office could be a very busy place come this fall.

Supported by almost 80% of the Canadian population for their cause, F4J members are in awe at the lack of police response to recent Tamil protests that have caused far more disruption than their usual peaceful stunts.

"We are seeing a scenario where heroes are portrayed as villains and villains as heroes," says Titus, National Coordinator, "but we know that in the end, good always triumphs over evil."

CONTACT: Vice President and Legal Director, Hal Legere

National Website for more information about F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada Canada: www.f4jcanada.ca

National Action website: www.f4jcanada.com


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