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It has been 60 days today since we transferred our organizations, Fathers-4-Justice and Families-4-Justice to California. During this time frame we have kept very busy with the day to day operation of our rapidly growing organization. We have also kept busy working on systems where we can better organize our growing membership as well as methodologies where we may all better communicate with each other. The fruits of our labor have resulted in items like this newsletter.

We are excited to announce that starting today the news that you are receiving will better inform you of our efforts, as well as give you information on how we may all unite and work together towards creating effective change. That’s not all! There are also a couple of very interesting articles by two well known writers, Jake Morphonios and Don Mathis. Our newsletter is not complete though, as we are just beginning. Soon, this document will also become history making as it will be available to members in print format. If you would like to contribute an article to our newsletter, please join our group at:

Not only are we working on systems where we may better communicate nationally but we are also working on getting better organized state wide. In doing so we have set up F4J Yahoo groups in all 50 states, as well as the 10 most heavily populated cities. In order to join the group in your state, please click on the following link for a list of states:

What’s next? Families-4-Justice! We are getting ready to launch our new organization and website, This organization is a, not for profit 501(c)(4), this avails us the opportunity to lobby for a change. We need web designers though, if you are ready to demand a change and you are a web designer, we need you! Please contact us at:

There is much more to come, we are planning a trip from sea to shining sea to bring awareness in a dozen different states and new styles of F4J gear. All scheduled for the very near future!

Questions? Comments? Drop us an e-mail at:

Fathers-4-Justice is at the forefront of the fathers, family and children's rights movement. Join us and be a part of a better future for our children.

United, we can and will create change!


Volunteer needs

Uncle Sam F4J

Coordinators Needed!

Currently Fathers 4 Justice is seeking people to coordinate efforts in states that are not yet organized. If you would like to volunteer for state coordinator fill out the form for your state.

Writers Needed!

There is always a need for new content and writers needed. There are many news stories that go untold because there aren’t enough people to write about it. Sign up as a reporter.

Get Local

Join your state f4J yahoo group to organize and communicate with others in your state.

Upcoming Campaigns

Iwo Justice

No Jail For Being a Dad Campaign

Make sure you let everyone know the devastating effects of being a single father in today’s economy. Print a sign and take it to the streets, contact your local media to talk about how the loss of jobs is leaving children parentless. Get the word out and inform everyone possible on every level

National Events 2009

June 19th

Fatherless Day Rally

(Lobby on the state level)

July 23-27

DC Rally/Festival

(Lobby on Federal level)

Aug 29

Nationwide Micro-rallies

Inform the public

Are you a member, or have you renewed your membership this year? Membership has its privileges. You receive news earlier, are given more opportunities to participate, and will have a better understanding of what the organization is doing and the direction it is going.

To become a member or to get new gear visit the membership section of the website.

Crane Protester Campaign a Success!

From Donald Tenn aka Spiderman

Dear F4J members, supporters, and friends:

The response from the hundreds of telephone calls and e-mails from F4J members and supporters was nothing less than phenomenal. I would like to say "THANK YOU" to you all. The TEAMwork used to pull this off was fantastic. Fathers-4-Justice members and supporters can achieve anything when we UNITE!

It was conveyed to my attorney that the support from F4J members and supporters was overwhelming for the prosecutor’s office. It is this support that may have been instrumental in the rescheduling of our jury trial.

That's right; THE JURY TRIAL for both Paul and Donald has been rescheduled.

So save some energy for the NEXT round. More updates will come as the events progress.

Father’s 4 Justice Public Demonstration Interrupted by New Jersey Police and Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department

Woodbury New Jersey police and the Gloucester County Sheriff Department confiscated a video camera from Fathers 4 Justice Members, Jim O’Brien and Mark Margugalio.

The confiscation of the video camera occurred while O’Brien and Margugalio participated in a public demonstration in front of the Gloucester courthouse. During an interview, O’Brien said, “The Sheriff descended from a fire escape at the back of a nearby building and had police backup. Sheriff Tyre, took the video camera and said we couldn’t video tape the demonstration in front of the Gloucester County Courthouse because it is a threat to National Security." O’Brien, who has not seen his daughter in 9 months, has spent the last three weeks demonstrating in front of the court house, for what appears to be a violation of due process in the family court. O’Brien, concerned about the escalating abusive nature of police officers during his weekly demonstrations, began taping the incidents with his personal video camera. According to O’Brien, his bullhorn was confiscated two weeks ago, and today Sherriff Tyre told demonstrators to stay away from the street because they “might get hurt.” It is reported that Sgt. Ridinger of the Gloucester County Sheriff's department authorized the seizure of the video camera and harassment of demonstrators.

The phone number for the Gloucester County Sheriff Department is (856) 384-4600

At the time of this newsletter the ACLU has contacted Jim and talked with the Sheriff’s department. Although nothing has been filed yet Jim’s camera equipment has been returned without the memory card.

This is the first in a series of articles on false child sexual abuse allegations made by moms against dads in family court.

Jake Morphoinios, the Fathers 4 Justice State Coordinator of North Carolina

by Jake Morphonios

Lesson # 1: Angry Moms Make False Child Sex Abuse Allegations Because They Work!

Jeffrey M. Leving is one of the leading family law attorneys in America. Leving (1997) wrote that, "the use of false sexual abuse allegations to win custody suits has become almost a standard tactic among disturbed mothers and unethical divorce lawyers" (pg 148).

These false abuse allegations are almost always made by a divorcing woman against her husband in the midst of an acrimonious divorce or custody dispute. A false sex abuse allegation is the perfect weapon for mom to use against dad. Here's why:

1) It is easy to make a false sexual abuse allegation.

2) The mother is given instant sympathy and support while the father is instantly ostracized because society hates child abusers..

3) It almost always guarantees the immediate removal of the father from the mother and child's life.

4) It usually results in the mother being granted immediate, temporary sole custody.

5) It establishes a status quo living arrangement for the children that will yield a precedent for continued primary physical custody by the mother.

6) The mother is given moral vindication for the divorce.

7) It is nearly impossible to prove that the mother made the allegation in bad faith.

8) There is virtually no punishment for mothers who are found to have made a false child abuse accusation.

Throughout the world, child sexual abuse is considered the ultimate crime. Not even murder generates the kind of raw emotional reaction that results from the sexual abuse of a child. Society acknowledges the innocence of children and responds to child abusers with extreme prejudice. The power of the accusation alone is often enough for public opinion to impeach the character of the alleged child abuser and guarantee legal victory for the mother.

Next Lesson: Making False Allegations is a Form of Child Abuse

- - -

Reference: Leving, Jefferey M. (1997). Fathers' Rights: Hard hitting and fair advice for every father involved in a custody dispute. New York, NY: Basic Books.

Review - The Film Club, by David Gilmour

"Don’t be fooled. Teenage boys need as much attention as newborns. Except they need it from their fathers." (page 116)

Have you ever heard the story about the single mom, unable to discipline her teenager, who asks the noncustodial dad to have a go at raising the errant youth? "He needs a man to live with," she says. Well, you're going to hear it again.

Except in this case, a serious suspension of disbelief is called for. Instead of the boy moving to Dad's house, in this story, Mom and Dad switch houses. If you think that is far-fetched, stay tuned.

The narrator offers a deal to his wanna-be-dropout. "If you don't want to go to school anymore, then you don't have to." What?! Don't have to work, no rent, you can sleep until the afternoon. But there are a few catches...

"Any drugs and the deal's off." Okay. Also, "I want you to watch three movies a week with me. I pick them. It's the only education you're going to get."

So begins a book for cinema aficionados. And folks in the child-rearing business.

Discussions ensue between the 15-year-old and his film-loving father. Relationships are built around these conversations, relationships that enable exchanges about other topics, other issues.

The growth that comes between a father and a son is a two-way street. In this case, the reader enters the interchange. And what a road to growth it is.

First love is encountered. And first heartbreak. So the Film Club focuses on reels that show real feelings.

Rebounding (or is it rebuilding) relationships follow. So it follows that father and son find movies that explore the aftermath of failure.

Anger issues call for angry movies. The ramifications of a new job can be understood in the introspection of working flicks. Foreign films, hidden treasures, and other themes take their place on the marquee.

A hundred specific movies (with dates) are discussed. The reader may dog-ear the pages as a reminder to visit the library to check out unseen DVDs. Insight into your favorite move, as well as your life, rests in these pages.

This coming of age story is recommended for parents, not for children. Instead, watch a film with your child. It may inspire your own Film Club.

Don Mathis, reviewer, is the editor of The Fourteen Percenter, an international newsletter for noncustodial parents

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