Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fathers for Justice protester Hugh McCloy comes back down to earth after a rooftop protest last night at the Grand Opera House in Belfast.

Belfast Telegraph

Fathers for Justice protester Hugh McCloy comes back down to earth after a rooftop protest last night at the Grand Opera House in Belfast. The campaigner for father’s rights, dressed as Batman, said his message was serious. The group wants to meet ministers at Stormont and Mr McCloy said Belfast’s Lord Mayor had already agreed to a meeting this month.


Anonymous said...

This asshole wasn't interested in his daughter when he was with her mum, hmm... funny he's suddenly portraying himself as a 'dedicated dad'.Oh,and by the way- constantly trying to kidnap her doesn't count, Hugh.

Michael J. Murphy said...

Somehow I doubt you have a clue. Dads who risk arrest for drawing attention to their inability to have a relationship with their child are typically not as you describe. You do sound like a good friend of the real assholes though in the Socialist Government of the UK who creating this social engineered nightmare.

Unknown said...

i am hugh mc cloy

and to who ever worte the first comment, you know me all they way over there in canada?

or are you the same person whop texted me to say that they would love to see the look on my face when i see what they have planned?

they are big allegations but at least i know what sort of lies i am up agaist in court

its funny though why would i want to kidnapp a child i was not interested in

micheal if you can get ip of the person who posted that i would be greatful, i will do the rest of the searching my end, if the site is set up by an outside company ask them if they can get the information


Michael J. Murphy said...

Hi Hugh. I've responded by email with your info. The individual who left the vile message sounds a lot like an alienating parent full of vindictiveness. I've run across a lot of them in my day. Good luck and may your child have two loving parents in their lives not one narcissist and one marginalized dad.

Unknown said...

Anonymous it`s funny you don`t name yourself. Now we wonder why???!!!!

Regardless of what has happened in Hugh`s personal life, he is aking a stand against people like you, and WE WILL SUPPORT him throught.

If you are in N Ireland, then watch out for our future demos!!!!!

Unknown said...

thanks michael for the information, recieved it today

if that person knows me as well as they say they do they will also know that i can trace ip's to houses and mobile phones.

i will also be using this in comming meetings pete and myself will be having

Michael J. Murphy said...

All the best Hugh. You can see by my surname I have roots on the Island as well. Back in 1991 I stayed with friends in the Republic just over the border from Derry. I haven't been over for over 15 years. last time was Dublin to do some Genealogical research, but hopefully after my own trial is settled I can take my two youngest to see the birthplace of their ancestors.

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