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Differentially Applied Laws can result in Tyranny

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May 4, 2009

For Immediate Release May 4, 2009

The laws with respect to protesting and freedom of expression are being applied differently.

While Toronto and Ottawa streets are occupied by a visible minority group who is rowdy, noisy, disturbing the peace and quiet of neighborhoods, disrupting traffic, blocking emergency vehicles, praising terrorists, showing terrorist flags, spread over several days or weeks they receive the support of the police services,

Meanwhile, F4J Fathers 4 Justice members have faced the tyranny, extremely harsh and severe treatment, of the police in Ontario.

Metro Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, in the May 1, 2009 edition of the Globe & Mail in reference to the Tamil protests: "as citizens of the city and the country, the protesters had the right to demonstrate safely." He said once the crowd had thinned by yesterday morning, officers were able to clear the roadway without using force, which would have put both officers and protesters at risk."A lot of people were putting up with a lot of noise, a little bit of disruption and some inconvenience and we're mindful of that. But we're trying to strike a balance here too," Mr. Blair told reporters at police headquarters yesterday morning. "It was an event that was important to that community. And we were there with them," he said"

Does Chief Blair mean the reason they weren't dispersed and arrested the same way Fathers 4 Justice members are is because the police support the Tamil protests? That is one meaning of the term "we were there with them"

Lets take the recent example of Bat Girl who, on April 25, 2009 peacefully occupied the Cookstown Outlet Mall water tower. Bat Girl is a mom and grandmother protesting abuse of children on Parental Alienation Awareness Day. The idea is to help create awareness of the abusive conduct perpetrated on children. For climbing the tower, occupying it for several hours unbeknown to anyone, hanging a banner and getting cold she was arrested and charged with mischief.

Does that sound like balance?

On August 8/08 the ETF was dispatched to deal with two dads occupying the roof of Jack Layton's constituency office. The two hung a banner from the roof in a clearly identified political protest. Their actions interfered with no one.

Chief Blair's response to two dad's dressed as comic book superheroes on a roof and one dad on the ground providing communication was to use flash grenades and send one of them for psychological assessments, keeping them in custody for days with strict and costly bail conditions.

Imagine needing the most highly trained police unit in the Metro Police arsenal to tackle one unarmed father on a two story rooftop. Does the term "over reaction" come to mind?
The total time of protest was 12 hours. The 3 participants are still before the courts with serious charges and may get criminal records for wanting to help children and parents suffering after separation or divorce.

On August 27, 2008, The Amazing Ontario Spiderman - Darcy Nogueira - Scaled a 200 foot tower crane at Bayview Avenue in Toronto Ontario. National Coordinator of F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada, Kris Titus, was on scene as media and ground support.

Nogueira and Kristin Titus, described as being polite and cooperative, have each been charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, common nuisance, mischief, mischief interference with property and break and enter for the 45 minute political action in support of a private member motion for equal parenting, a concept supported by 80% of Canadians.

Look at the difference in handling peaceful protest by F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada members compared to the Tamil protests in Ottawa and Toronto that have gone on for weeks disrupting the lives of many with no charges laid in Ottawa and some in Toronto only after the protestors rushed barricades.

As 6 F4J activists prepare for trial in Ontario they ask why there are different standards? Does it mean if you are minority you get to dictate the game plan to the police and affected citizens? If you are a visible minority do you get special privileges because of political correctness?
"It's like we've been saying all along," says Titus, "who represents the majority in this country, and at what personal cost?"

"No totalitarians, no wars, no fears, famines or perils of any kind can really break a man's spirit until he breaks it himself by surrendering. Tyranny has many dread powers, but not the power to rule the spirit." - Edgar Sheffield Brightman
CONTACT: Vice President and Legal Director, Hal Legere

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