Friday, May 22, 2009

Fathers 4 Justice Canada ~ Quebec ~ "Robin" may be free as a bird

Thu, 2009-05-21 16:01.
Shuyee Lee

"Robin" wants to avoid being caged.

A sentencing hearing was scheduled today for the guy who dressed up as Batman's sidekick and scaled the Jacques Cartier Bridge over a year ago to bring attention to the rights of single dads in custody cases.

The crown has agreed to Benoit Leroux's request for an unconditional discharge. The prosecutor had wanted a conditional discharge but Leroux, an engineer and divorced dad of a little girl, says that would have given him a criminal record.

"It will make my life really difficult for working and for getting incomes and for going to the United States to see my daughter," says Leroux who was accompanied by a handful of supporters belonging to the advocacy group Fathers 4 Justice.

The crown and Leroux are proposing he do community work during the summer and then put off sentencing until September.

The judge did not close the door to this option, just pointing out they have to see where Leroux can do the work. Plus he wants to see proof Leroux would have trouble getting into the U.S. if he had a criminal record.

Since the judge's docket was full, he put off the hearing until next week.

Leroux was found guilty last month of mischief and conspiracy stemming from the May 2005 stunt that snarled traffic for two and a half hours.

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