Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fathers for Justice campaigner posts nappies to Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Father for Justice puts nappies in the post
Father for Justice puts nappies in the post
A HEATHFIELD man dressed up as Batman to post nappies to Gordon Brown.
The New Fathers for Justice member who did not want to be named, hopes the prime minister will take notice of members' campaign to fight for the rights of fathers denied access to their children.

He took part in a nationwide campaign in the form of the superhero to ask him to stop disposing of dads in society.

Our photographer caught up with the anonymous Batman figure near the village.

He said: 'It's time this Government stopped acting like children, realised that we are sitting on a time bomb and society is in breakdown and that fathers have a right to contact with their children.'

'We need to send messages they will listen to and we are fighting for change.'

And he urges all dads and grandparents to take part in this nationwide camapign to tell Mr Brown how the Government has messed up families.

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