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This week we present a compelling interview with a separated Australian mother of three, whose ex-husband successfully resorted to all the malicious tools available to BOTH parents under the Family Justice system. Her appalling experience as a victim of the system will resonate with many fathers, as statistically these very same tactics are mostly used by mothers in order to separate fathers from their children.
“Diana”, not her real name, because we’re prevented by law from using her real name, describes in great detail how her ex-husband was able to use false child sex abuse allegations and take out an AVO against her, in order to separate her from her children, safe in the knowledge he would not be punished as a result of his perjury.

Our Prime Minister made it known in no uncertain terms recently, that “those that trade on the tragedy of others should rot in jail” and in fact “should rot in hell”. In his view, those that do so, “are engaged in the world’s most evil trade and represent the absolute scum of the earth... the lowest form of life”.

Well Mr Rudd, we have a whole industry trading on the tragedy of others, who have done so with the blessing of successive Australian Governments for the past 35 years. This industry has wreaked absolute havoc and destroyed millions of lives during its long reign of terror against separating parents and their children, yet hardly a whisper of concern is raised by our legislators.

This week’s program exemplifies much of what is wrong with a morally bankrupt Family Justice system which systematically fails both parents and their children, and raises a lot of questions as to why it has been allowed to flourish unimpeded for 35 years.

Alarm bells have been ringing loud and clear for more then 30 years about how easy it is for separating parents to subvert the course of justice in a perjury-friendly Family Justice System.

This week’s program again illustrates how easy it is for both responsible fathers and mothers to be separated from their children when a malicious, vindictive ex-partner decides to make use of false child sex abuse and domestic violence allegations, in order to obtain valuable time to set in motion the insidious Parental Alienation process, which turns children against their own family.

The Family Justice System, by turning a blind eye to perjury and awarding primary custody to only one parent, provides a fertile breeding ground for this situation to flourish. Cut off from rational alternative points of view, these children are programmed to turn against the very people who love them and are able to provide a healthy balance to their life during their formative childhood years. As a consequence, effectively stifling their chances of growing into well balanced and emotionally stable adults.

It is no accident that so many of our children are acting out in anger at having been abandoned in a hostile environment by a society which forces them to have to deal alone, with complex problems they can’t possibly comprehend or resolve. Sadly, many of these vulnerable unfortunate children are growing up with perverse views and opinions which are based on a distorted perception of reality, forced upon them by a disturbed dysfunctional adult.

The question has to be asked of all those engaged in the Family Justice Industry and their supporters who are busily “trading on the tragedy of others”, which part of the words "Justice" and "Equality" they have so much trouble with?


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