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New research finds family breakdown costs billions annually; quantifies the savings were family breakdown to decrease

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada invites you to join us for a briefing on June 3, 2009. In “Private Choices, Public Costs: How failing families cost us all,” authors Rebecca Walberg and Andrea Mrozek examine the relationship between poverty, families and government. They quantify government spending directed at poverty alleviation for broken families through welfare, child care costs and housing. That cost rises into the billions annually; the exact price tag will be released at the lunchtime briefing on Parliament Hill on June 3.

Consistently, not only in Canada but in OECD nations, lone parent households are more likely to live in poverty. “Certainly the main concern around family breakdown is the emotional toll,” say the authors Rebecca Walberg and Andrea Mrozek. “But the fiscal costs are evident, and those can be more readily measured.”

The report describes

• the relationship between strong families and a strong economy
• the feminization of poverty
• how Canada compares with other nations
• the methodology used to reach our conservative estimate
• recommendations

The report highlights the costs province by province, discussing why and how stable marriages contribute to a stronger economy. “If we are serious about reducing poverty,” say the authors, “especially children and women in poverty, we must address the effects of family breakdown.”

Please join us on June 3 to learn more about the costs of family breakdown.

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Date: June 3, 2009
Time: 12:00-1:30
Place: Room 214, Wellington Building, 180 Wellington St., (corner of Wellington and Bank)

This briefing is open to the public and free of charge, however, registration is required for parliamentary security and to confirm numbers for lunch. (A light lunch will be served.)

For additional information or to arrange an interview, please contact Andrea Mrozek, Manager of Research and Communications at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada at 613-565-3832.

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada conducts, compiles and presents family research to ensure that marriage and family-friendly policies are foremost in the minds of Canada’s decision makers.

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