Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ACFC ~ Fathers Day Update

Dear Mike,

As Fathers Day approaches we wanted to follow up on several items of interest. Florida International University professor Gordon Finley sent this news item: FIU Lab Investigates the State of Fatherhood. Gordon is a great friend of fathers, his research and commentary are influencing public policy throughout the nation. Click here for FIU Lab Investigates the State of Fatherhood.

For additional reference information on Dr. Finley's studies and articles visit his faculty page at:http://psych.fiu.edu/Faculty&StaffPages2/Finley/Finley.htm.

Fathers Day Rallies

Illinois Fathers are sponsoring a rally this Friday at the State Capitol in Springfield. If you are anywhere in the area come by and demonstrate your support for Fathers, Shared Parenting and Family Law Reform. Illinois Fathers is doing a tremendous job supporting fathers in court, cultivating legislator relationships and raising issue awareness. http://www.illinoisfathers.com/

Fathers for Justice is sponsoring fatherless day rallies in a number of state capitols Click here for the flyer, contact one of the listed coordinators and find out what's going on in your area.

Adam Cunningham Update

Thanks to all of you who participated in the April 29, call to action on Adam Cunningham's DV case in Canada. The video link to the news report is no longer active. Adam received numerous injuries and subsequently died after surgery to repair a broken ankle. Thanks to ACFC supporter, Ron Spiller and others for sending this response from assistant attorney general, Robert Gillen.

Dear Mr. Spiller:

Thank you for your correspondence dated April 29, 2009, regarding the death of Mr. Adam Cunningham. I am responding on behalf of the Attorney General, and I apologize for the delay.

As Assistant Deputy Attorney General, I am responsible for the Criminal Justice Branch within the Ministry of Attorney General, including the conduct and supervision of all criminal prosecutions in British Columbia.

Charges of assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm have been laid against Ms. Elhan Cunningham. Ms. Cunningham is due to appear in court in July 2009, for an arraignment hearing.

It has not been determined that the injuries Mr. Cunningham sustained in the assault led to his death.

I cannot comment any further as this matter is now before the Court.

The public’s participation in the justice system is important. I appreciate hearing your views.

Yours truly,

Robert W. G. Gillen
Assistant Deputy Attorney General
Criminal Justice Branch

Child Support and the Passing of John Cole

Two years ago this August in conjunction with the Family Preservation Festival in Washington DC, ACFC hosted an event at the National Press Club promoting Angelo Lobo's documentary Support: System Down. One member of the panel was John Cole who relayed his Virginia child support experience.

John's battle with cancer ended last week with his passing on June 11th. As you watch his video note the fact that even though John and his ex had reached an agreement over his support the state would not honor their agreement and continued to hound John, now literally to death....

John's story is preceded by comments of another Shared Parenting warrior who past last year minister Ron Smith. Thanks to William Wagener for posting this video.


Whether or not you will be with your children this Fathers Day, know that we at ACFC appreciate you, your participation and support in the effort to implement shared parenting and reform family law.


Mike McCormick, Exec. Dir.

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