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Jailed parent Amir Sanjari has refused food for two weeks

By Teri Stoddard
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June 8, 5:56 PM ·

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Claiming civil rights violations, British citizen and father Amir Sanjari hasn't eaten for two weeks. Sanjari, who sits in the Sacramento County jail, was picked up for a warrant out of Indiana. He was arrested at a bus station where he and his adult daughter were about to say "Good bye" after their first visit in years.

Both were hoping their reunion would be permanent, but neither had the financial means. Once a successful nuclear physicist, Sanjari hasn't been able to return to the UK to continue his carreer or get a job in the US. Instead, he's been helping other parents who are faced with civil rights violations in family court.

According to Sanjari, and documented on his website the warrant stems from his divorce case, which is rife with injustice and corruption. Bob Norton, a MA advocate for reform of divorce courts said, "I know Amir. He ran this up the appeals court but it seems the judge is very politically connected and influenced decisions by making contact with appeals court and other gov’t agencies. Sanjari has learned enough 'real' law to be dangerous, expecting that the courts would honor this law."

Sanjari's website tells a story of one injustice after another, and how he has tried to fight back. As an example: he was once ordered to pay a thousand dollars a month in child support, even though at the time he and his wife shared equal custody and had similar incomes. Another: Sanjari took the girls on a pre-arranged and agreed upon vacation to the UK. He didn't return with them, but had plans to follow shortly. When the terrorist attacks on 9/11delayed his return, their mother fraudulantly claimed abandonment and filed for sole custody of the girls.

You can hear Sanjari's December 2007 interview during a Children Need Both Parents internet talkshow.

Donald Tenn stated, "this is a federal issue, not a state issue," after he and other members of Fathers 4 Justice in Sacramento filed a writ of habeas corpus on Sanjari's behalf in Federal court this morning. They're hoping to stay his extradition to Indiana. His original hearing is set for Tuesday.

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