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London Free Press ~ Letter to the editor and responses

The following is a letter to the editor on July 17, 2009 by a Father's Rights activist and an outpouring of passionate responses by disenfranchised dads including me.MJM

Letter to Editor

UNLESS otherwise noted, these letters are to be considered unedited. The opinions expressed in the letters and comments are those of the writers and not of The London Free Press.

Deb Matthews is quoted in Friday's LF Press as saying, Parents Form Very Strong Bonds With Their Kids. This in regards to the Bankruptcy of Imagine Adoption, who assist in adopting children from 3rd world countries.

Well Ms. Matthews, what about the many Non-Abusive Fathers, who have had their children taken away from them at the hands of Ontario's CAS agencies. While I'm at it, For all of our area MP's, especially Mr. Pearson, who has spoken out about this tragedy. What about the many NON-Abusive Fathers who have been separated from their children at the hands of a bitter ex-wife and or corrupt Family Law system? Is there any help on the horizon for US! Oh that's right, we're just the average working Canadians, who are told to just shut up, keep working, or go to jail. So much for being loyal to your constituents, but it's always nice to see you keep your loyalties to your portfolio.

Please contact your local MP and have them support Bill-C422 for Equal Parenting, when the house resumes in the fall Robert Hebblethwaite

POSTED BY: Robert Hebblethwaite, London
POSTED ON: July 17, 2009


CAS Good post, Bob. It also needs to be mentioned that MPP Deb Matthews not only cares too little about the loss of a relationship between a father and a child; she also protects mothers who have been proven to be abusive to their own children. And when this father presented clear and convincing evidence of said abuse to Ms. Matthews - as well as evidence of two different CAS agencies hiding eviddence of the abuse - Deb Matthews instructed me to "take legal action" against her office. We also need to support Ontario's Bill 93, which would grant the Ombudsman oversight over Children's Aid Societies.
POSTED BY: Brad Charlton

gender discrimination is a hate crime
i applaud Mr.Hebblethwaite's post. When a father (me) is systematically stripped of his child, his reputation, and and his career, due to a system that escorts a mother, successfully through the process, baseless lies errupt from the mother, assisted in the lies of course, comes from the aid of corrupt members of the domestic division of the L.P.S., then a baseless accusation made against the father to the C.A.S.arises, leaving him stained none the less. Then the mother gains aid from overzealous nieve, and dishonest members of a couple of local baptist churches to seal her lies, and the father is thrown into the sewer of a domestic criminal & family court system, which is relevant to the Nazi treatment of Jews. I approached Deb Matthews office more than once regarding my situation as a citizen of London, who actally had financially supported local hospitals, universities, colleges, churches, and several womens and children's organizations for years, and had never had involvement with police in his life...but was never given permission to speak with Deb Matthews, regarding his distraught concern for his charter of civil rights, which were and are totally violated, i actually believed every Canadian citizen had the right to lay hold of that claim.... Obviously Deb Matthews has no care, no respect, and no time to display any gender equality to listen to a male, a father, and a long time contributor of what he thought was a fine city to reside in. And when the same father is told to his face by members of the L.P.S. (officer quote) "YOU ARE A MALE YOU HAVE BEEN STRIPPED OF YOUR RIGHTS, YOU ARE A FATHER YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS." (Sept 21st 2008) It is clear to me that hate crimes exists long after WW11, and it festers within the majority of local government organizations and local community services. So much for "community service, and deeds not words" It should read "community service for women" and "round up & arrest all men"
POSTED BY: Derek McDonald

Bob's right UN recommendation that children need both parents. When will MP and MPP's stop the basic human rights violation of our family courts?

your rights To all of you great dads who are systemically and you can have the opportunity to speak on camera about the abuse you have suffered. I am and have been working on a documentary film titled "Capital Injustice The War on Dads" for 2 years now and hope to be complete by the end of November. I also need professionals to speak if you know of any.

It's time for a change Really, the time has come for the big change. C-422 is a step towards that big change needed or so long. Court system has done enough harm to this country's children. It's time no for equal parenting. Unfortunately, a whole generation of children grew up with the image of an hatred father, image given of course by the bitter mother, often as a scheme of vengeance or as a demonstration of power given by the gender bias of the court system. Often, a good proportion of lawyers keep the turmoil alive between divorced couples to increase their living. This time is reaching the end. Call your federal MP and tell him you support C-422. For the sake of our children.
POSTED BY: Alain Roy

Deb Matthews ~ A Women's Woman Ms. Mathews is proud of her $208,000,000.00 budget for women's issues. Yes she actually said that. She rationalized spending that much by using mythological stats. She doesn't know DV is pretty much equal between genders in Canada. She doesn't know that single parent female homes have so many negative outcomes for children including a majority of child killing and abuse at the hands of the mother in the USA and Australia. We don't know the total Canadian figures because Stats Can refuses to break them down finely enough to determine the male perps. She doesn't know there are so many dads out of the picture because judges in a close to 9-1 ratio award physical custody to the mom. If this was any other group besides men it would be called a form of apartheid. This is a socially engineered nightmare created by people with a mind set similar to the local Police Chief who also doesn't understand gender dynamics. Perhaps the feminst MPP for London could muster her colleagues to support Provincial legislation similar to Federal bill c-422 to give equality to parents at the end of their marriages when it comes to custody and residency of children. That would truly be the right kind of feminism which started as seeking equality for all rather than just 50% of the population as it does now.
POSTED BY: Mike Murphy

The reality is
our society is growing increasingly tired of two-faced politicians who spew typical political rhetoric. The people are taking full advantage of the power of the internet to assemble and share information. I will do everything in my power to ensure that those in office are held accountable and liable for their actions and decisions. If you do not support equal parenting then you do not support the basic rights of Canadians and furthermore you support the abuse of children. How disgusting is it to know that some of our "elected" leaders would rather indirectly abuse our children then support then by providing them with an opportunity to know both parents equally. I proudly stand behind you Mr. Hebblethwaite.
POSTED BY: Dave Flook, President Not All Dads Are Deadbeats

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