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A Mangina Journalist makes sport of female on male violence ~ Go ballistic to protect the family jewels

My observations of Mr. Baron's misandry:
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subjectGo ballistic to protect the family jewels Liberals make it harder for men to defend themselves BY ETHAN BARON,


Re: Go ballistic to protect the family jewels
- Liberals make it harder for men to defend themselves
OCTOBER 29, 2009 7:23 AM

You are making light of a vicious assault on a man. Would you do the same had the gender's been reversed. Not likely I do believe. Your editors are far too feminized and sanitized for that. We have copious numbers of manginas working in journalism who are clearly unable to see the double standard they represent when publishing such - whats that word - oh yes - drivel.

Next time you want to seem funny at the expense of another man look in the mirror and ask yourself - would I do this if it were about a female. It is a very simple test.

You are no David Letterman whose squirrel jokes are in far better taste than yours and that's not reaching a high plateau. Just ask his feminist critics or Sarah Palin. I do like Dave, however.

Mike Murphy
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Liberals make it harder for men to defend themselves

For men living in Langley, or even just visiting, I offer the same advice I get from my neighbourhood squirrels: Watch your nuts.

It appears a woman randomly assaulted a man in Langley, by kicking him where it counts.

Anthony Clark says he was strolling along 200th Street when a young woman walked up and delivered a powerful blow to his groin with her foot.

The kick exploded his testicle, which had to be surgically removed, Clark says.

His description of the assailant -- young, slim, average height -- doesn't narrow the field enough to be very helpful.

"To say, 'Yeah, beware of all women walking down the street, that would be tough,'" says Langley RCMP Sgt. Don Davidson.

Because the victim didn't report any robbery, and random attacks by women against men are exceedingly rare, RCMP remain puzzled about a motive. The woman may be mentally ill, have an axe to grind against men, or there may be more to the story, Davidson suggests.

For men, I offer the following solution: Armour yourselves.

You have several choices, and one of them is on sale.

For $199.95 US, marked down from $249.95 until Saturday, Tamiami Armor is selling a Level IIIA "ballistic cup." This snazzy little number, made of high-tech ceramic like that used in military flak vests, is fitted into a companion jockstrap.

"It stops all handgun bullets," says a company spokesman, who inexplicably declined to be identified.

Given that we're talking about an attack in the Lower Mainland, where gang-war bullets could potentially fly anywhere at any time, this tactical device would serve a double purpose.

It would protect the family jewels from this female suspect as well as from gangsters' random slugs.

The problem is, you'd soon find your protected package snarled in red tape, as the provincial government is bringing in legislation to outlaw body armour for ordinary citizens -- except by special permit.

Banned will be any "garment or item designed, intended or adapted for the purpose of protecting the body from projectiles discharged from a firearm," the draft legislation says.

Fortunately, less-expensive protection is available, without a permit, at martial-arts equipment stores. At the low end, you can buy a $15 plastic cup with jockstrap, but considering the force of the blow received by Clark, these cups might not be up to the job.

"Being plastic, it's possible you could crack them," says Sam Logan, manager of Golden Arrow Martial Arts in Vancouver.

It makes more sense to spring for the $40 steel cup.

"It's a special order," Logan says.

Clark says RCMP told him constables had heard of three or four similar attacks in Langley.

Davidson says Langley Mounties are not aware of other such incidents.

"They're saying they never told him that kind of thing," Davidson says.

In the meantime, it may make sense to buy some protective gear.

When it comes to safeguarding the important things in life, it's better to err on the side of caution.

Just ask any squirrel.

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