Friday, February 13, 2009

Fathers-4-Justice were out discussing Heartbreak Hotel

Fathers-4-Justice hold rally in Regina

REGINA -- The custody of children of divorce was the cause of a rally held outside of Regina’s Court of Queen’s Bench on Friday.

Braving the frigid temperatures, a handful of members and supporters of Fathers-4-Justice

Canada waved to oncoming traffic and held red broken heart signs that depicted men on one side and women with children on the other.

Gene Rogers, director of the Regina chapter, said the rally was to commemorate Valentine’s Day and “make the connection that courthouses are heart break hotels for non-custodial parents.”

“We’re just trying to continue raising awareness that when parents separate, that children need to spend equal time with both parents,” Rogers said. The position of the organization is not necessarily an expectation of a 50/50 split of time, but of an agreed parenting plan.

Rogers said there are several dozen members of Fathers-4-Justice in Regina and that membership is growing.

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