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New Fathers 4 Justice activist Richard West in Court Thursday 25th June,Woking Magistrates Court. Surrey.

Courtesy of New Fathers 4 Justice:

New Fathers 4 Justice activist Richard West in Court Thursday 25th June,Woking Magistrates Court. Surrey.

FUN DAY…with New Fathers 4 Justice,s Mr Incredible featuring Special
Branch aka CLEVER TWIG.

All very welcome, bring your suits, whistles, and picnics.

Richard West, mobile aka Mr Incredible invites all to the fun day on Thursday when he will be attending the first court hearing .

To answer the charge leveled against him.

Just to recap:
One arrest
Approx 500 personnel items seized, including banners,loud hailers, my son’s mountain board equipment, even a pair of my girlfriends HIGH HEELS, AND ANN SUMMERS OUTFIT
Four officers from Devon
Three special branch officers from Surrey HQ
Two custody suites
Three different police stations
Three different counties
One defence lawyer, ( so far )
One barrister
26 hours in the cells
Hundreds of road miles
Terrorist style bail conditions
All that is missing is the partridge in the pear tree….!

And why?

Because of a telephone threat to expose an NHS trust for the child abuse, which Mr Incredible believes would be proved by the joint app under the Freedom of information act.

Of which both parents and child concerned, agreed too.

And has previously ordered by District Judge Levi in Reigate County Court, Surrey.

Mr Incredible is to face a charge under section127 (1a) & (3) of the communications act 2003….(designed for obscene phone calls).

The taxpayers of Britain are funding this show, and admission is FREE

Kevin Libin: In divorce disputes, only men are deadbeats

My comments to Kevin:

fromMike Murphy
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I follow the NP closely and two recent columns of yours dealing with family and family law issues, CAS was the other, are both courageous and on the money. Male columnists covering these things tend to get more hate mail.

Family Law or FLAW as some of us like to term it is a dysfunctional and highly biased (9-1 ratio in giving females custody) system that requires changing to a presumption of equal shared parenting with co-residency of children. Where this has been enacted divorce rates drop. In Belgium they have given the collection agency for support a new role as under shared/equal parenting neither party pays it.

Thanks for the coverage. I do comment on most issues surrounding family law but was out of the picture for a few days and missed the timeline on the dead beat dads.

Mike Murphy

and the following is a very well written letter to the editor with respect to the column:

The war on men

National Post Published: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Re: Debter Dads Displayed On Alberta Site, June 19.

As an Albertan, I was brought up to believe in equality of men and women. So I was appalled to learn that the government of my home province has created a website that publicizes the pictures of dads who have missed spousal payments for six months or more. They are made to look like criminals.

They are not. Family courts across Canada, instead of helping families stay together, are openly biased against men. They act on perjured evidence, refuse to allow cross-examination, make orders against men who are not present or order unrealistic payments that violate the principles of justice and equality.

The courts don't care about whether the woman is responsible for the breakup or whether she is a wife or a live-in or whether she cleaned out the bank account before demanding support.

The result is destruction of families. Some men resort to suicide. Some disappear or are in and out of the legal system constantly. Many men lose their children and many children lose their fathers forever.

We can do better. Governments should use these funds for qualified advisors to identify the problems and help work out better solutions. The family courts have failed completely.

Marguerite E. Ritchie, president, Human Rights Institute of Canada, Ottawa.

Iris Evans may have created a bigger controversy this week when the Alberta minister suggested dual-career couples were shortchanging their kids. But when it comes to setting a tone for how the provincial government treats parents, the more significant move was a revamping of a website run by Alberta’s justice department used to hunt down what journalists breezily refer to as “deadbeat dads.”

If there was ever a class of individuals denied an iota of public sympathy, it’s these guys. Calgary Sun writer Michael Platt had fun perusing the photos and mocking the parade of good-for-nothings: “Creepy”; “Crusty”; “Snarly”; some guy “you'd swear had crawled from a cave.” Naturally we presume we know what these guys are all about. The jerks obviously walked out on some poor, kindhearted wife who probably stayed home, sacrificing her own career, to raise the kids. All she wants now are a few dollars to help feed and clothe the little ones. But dad, the bastard, couldn’t care less. These kinds of websites are essential justice, the public shaming of these cads, more than richly deserved.

And probably that’s true in a good number of cases. But anyone who’s seen first-hand the real face of divorce in Canada knows that most family disputes, over custody, or support, aren’t so cut-and-dried. Men can be careless, irresponsible, even vindictive. So can women. Yet, it seems, ridicule and humiliation is something reserved for the male of the species.

Geoff Hibbert ~ M25 Batman faces 7 years in prison ~ Call to action

Greetings all from Vancouver BC Canada and the Burnaby Batman. I am hoping that in sending this out that you might be moved to action and would encourage you to send messages of support, fill out the online petition and voice your concerns to the authorities over seeing this matter in the UK. One of our own, a true hero of family, brother and comrade in our cause, Geoff Hibbert (The M25 Batman) is currently behind bars and has begun a hunger strike. Geoff was recently found guilty and awaiting sentencing in a UK prison for the act of peaceful protest to high light the injustice prevalent in our family courts across the globe. Please review the article below.

Messages of support for the M25 Batman can be made at - Please encourage everyone you know to send a message.
To sign the on line petition asking that Geoff be released please visit - or;
You can write to him direct if you like

Geoff Hibbert Prison number bx1006
HMP Wormwood Scrubs
P.O. Box 757
Du Cane Road
Tel: 020 8588 3200

United In Spirit & Purpose ; Robert Robinson - NAC - Fathers 4 Justice Canada

The work of Fathers 4 Justice and the Pain of Fathers ~ Activism in the UK

Equal and Shared Parenting ~ The Movie