Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Empowerment through education

Not All Dads are Deadbeats


The Daily News

A free educational workshop sponsored by Not All Dads are Deadbeats (NADAD) will take place Tuesday at the Chatham Central Public Library.

Dave Flook of Chatham, founder and president of the organization, stressed it is not just a men's organization - "it's an equal parenting group.''

Flook, who recently moved to Chatham from London to be closer to his daughter, said there is a huge demand in Chatham-Kent for services offered by his group, which is designed to help those affected by divorce and separation.

"We are a community oriented support group for proud parents who have been systematically removed from their children by the Canadian family court system,'' he said.
Flook said Tuesday's hands-on, interactive workshop will be the first of many educational events scheduled throughout 2010.

He said the workshops are focused on providing the practical skills needed to combat court injustice.

"They also offer real world solutions to the growing problems of gender bias in the courts, radical feminist agendas and government and institutional corruption.

"Tuesday's event will be an interactive workshop and participation in the proceedings will be strongly encouraged,'' he said.

A former professor of graphic design at Fanshawe College, Flook is in the process of establishing a web design studio in Chatham.

Flook said he created NADAD to reach out to others who have had their roles as fathers revoked by the state.

"There is no reward for complacency,'' he said. "Our children need us now to fight for them and to ensure they do not become fatherless.''

The workshop takes place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the Chatham library, 120 Queen St., Chatham.


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