Friday, January 1, 2010

Empowerment through Education Workshop for non-custodial Parents ~ Chatham, Ontario

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Brian Daniel said...

As a Father myself I know the burden of alimony, custody, and some abandonment too.

I found some empowerment in staying busy and making a new life for myself chasing after things I always wanted to try and do.

I wrote a book about my good lessons learned on how to make a quick and easy recovery and have passed them on to both partners in divorce so that they could do the same. Read on if interested.

Thanks for a chance here today! Brian Daniel!

A Positive Divorce Recovery Book for Your Members
I know that you may be using your own materials or those of others’, but I was hoping you might also have some interest in my book too as another source of help. I can offer you DOUBLE the book discounts I have below as a trial for you and your members.

I am a local author in Canton/Akron, Ohio and have just published a book on divorce recovery called "Yes, There Is an Upside of Divorce, It Can Be Your Second Chance at Life!" You can search "upside of divorce" on Amazon and read the great reviews I have there. One of my top 5-Star ratings is from Tracy, who is the owner of a national web support group called Woman’s Divorce (com) and has used parts of my chapters for her members going through divorce.

I have sold over ninety copies locally and received the same great feedback, including some to the Church of New Hope in Stow, Ohio for their divorce support group.
I have also sold three copies to our Stark County Libraries for circulation here in Canton.

I am hoping you may want to buy some copies too to provide some other good help and support to your divorced members. And perhaps they may want to buy their own copy as well.

My book has a more positive approach to divorce recovery and also goes further about how to make a happier and more enjoyable life after divorce.

For just $12 or so, my book could be another reference book or a gift of help from you to your members suffering through their divorce or separation.

Book Discounts are available on my own website, Self-Help-Products-and-Services (com) where you can save $2 to $5 off Amazon’s costs per book.

I'm hoping you might try a couple books and see what your members say about it. I’m sure most, if not all of them, will find some good help in my book.

My ISBN is 978-1-4196-9304-5. I also have a workbook version that could be used for support groups and have other information and a photo of my book if you are interested.

If there are other people you think I should contact or those who may want to contact me, please let me know.

Thanks for your consideration here.
Brian Daniel

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