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Feminist comments on the National Posts Women's Studies Editorial

I note the brave feministas won't comment on the internet blog where the article appeared. I also love their prose which is always typically reactionary and full of self righteous indignation.

 It can be summed up simply because they believe they are on a deserved pedestal. How could you be so offensive about us silly little girls who just want to have fun, equality, the house, the insurance policies, the children, more than half of the ex's net income, going out with the girls, corralling a new sugar daddy to gold dig, take over 60% of university placements, over 400% more of teaching positions in Ontario in the 20-30 age cohort, 90% of positions in government run social services, 55% of the federal and provincial public service positions, a majority of health care positions, oh and yes we want government funding for females because we need protection from the bad patriarchy, we want special privileges in all work places including couches in women's washrooms, we don't want dad's to have shared parenting cause they are incompetent and we want all the services for Intimate Partner Violence cause everybody knows how kind and gentle we are.

It's interesting when you read the invective in their correspondence and see the stats on how violent they really are what kind of different picture arises. Remember the old saying "hell hath no fury..." came from non-fiction material.

Finally their perception seems to be just a tad off as well so you wonder how well they do the jobs they have when it was pretty clear to most of the world who reads the NP regularly the column was likely authored, at least in part,  by the bravest of the brave Barbara Kay. They do no favours for the cause of feminism or their ability to do a job well.

At least they didn't use the more offensive vernacular like the Zerb (Antonia Zerbisasis) did over at the Trawna Red Star when she tweeted:
“F*** you, National Post and the horsesh** you rode in on. Shame on you for these lies."

Such is the state of journalism at the Red Star. Such is the state of feminism in this country supported fully by billions of all our tax dollars at all levels of government including Academia and NGO's (AKA as "Community Groups."

The best belly laugh of that day was seeing the Zerb make another fool of herself at the expense of Canada's most left mainstream newspaper despite Zerby's disclaimer.MJM


Full Comment letters file: Rude replies from our readers
Posted: January 30, 2010, 4:00 PM by NP Editor
Full Comment gets lots of letters. Occasionally someone likes us. More often letter-writers don't. We don't take this to mean more people dislike us than like us, just that angry people are usually more motivated to share their thoughts.  Some of the messages are really rude, some make no sense at all. Here's a sample, pretty much as they arrived, though last names have been omitted (in those cases where they were provided).

One note: Many writers assume that because I'm the editor of Full Comment, I must write everything that appears. Not so. I don't think I wrote any of the articles credited to me below. Just so you know.

On the death of women's studies (which I didn't write):
Honest to god Kelly, you have to be the most useless columnist in this country.  Nice "column" today.  Did it take you all day yesterday to come with that TURD of an analogy.

What school did you graduate from, just curious?  I can't imagine the sequence of events that led to you getting a prominent gig, you're so entirely superfical and overtly biased- to the point of a child- it's amazing.

Keep up the crap contributions to Canadian journalism.  You're a disgrace, SERIOUSLY.
What could have been an interesting discussion and the real posing of a legitimate question has been reduced, thanks to you, to simple minded bigotry. Modern day feminism is changing and the place of women's studies in a contemporary university setting is a relevant question.  You, however, make no effort to legitimize this inquiry and instead post ignorant, generalized, unfounded and uneducated series of statements in an article on the internet that are hateful and wrong.

From what research and/or experience is your article based on?
Who are these feminists and general theys you speak of?
Have you ever experienced a women's studies course in your life?

Irrelevant of any of this,  I am deeply offended by the work you have put up on the internet under the guise of reporting and ask that you ammend your editorial.


How could you publish this crap? have you even read it? Whats next, 'black history month is still with us"? do you realize how horribly trashy and offensive you come off as? This is disgusting, your paper is garbage and I'm sure no one I know will ever pick it up again.
It seems that none of your 'editorial board' have the education or the intelligence necessary to keep up with the times, you sad pathetic brutes. Shame on you.



You are sadly very  misinformed and obviously misogynist. Do you know 
about factual journalism?  Your 'piece' in the National Post (I 
hesitate to call it an editorial or journalism or even writing) is 
close to libel and slander.
What intellectually impoverished universe do you inhabit?


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