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From Singapore Media - Missing: Andrew John Thompson

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IMG19thumb Missing: Andrew John Thompson

Imagine giving your little boy a piggy-back around the garden, tickling him till he’s giggling non-stop, carrying him in his adorable pair of Pooh Bear pajamas and watching his face light up with the most beautiful smile when he sees you come home from work. These are little enjoyments that Ken Thompson has gone without for a year and a half. Ken’s little boy, Andrew John Thompson, has been missing since April, 2008.

He was abducted from Australia on 24th April 2008 by his mother,Melinda Thompson and both have disappeared without a trace. They traveled from Australia to Europe via Singapore but from Europe, there has been no trace of them since and could now be anywhere in the world.

Since December 2008, NSW Fire Brigade Deputy Commissioner Ken, together with a number of international search organistions, have embarked on a massive search to find Andrew through the Global Search for Andrew Email Campaign. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube sites have also been established for Andrew and they’ve had many thousands of hits. Interpol had issued alerts in 187 countries
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Melinda could be using the name Melinda Margaret Stratton and she could be using the name Stratton for Andrew as well.They could also be using other names and false identities. The authorities and Ken hold very serious concerns for Andrew’s emotional & physical well-being, and for his mother’s as well.
Before their disappearance, a psychiatric report found Melinda was suffering from a mental condition that affected her judgment and her ability to parent effectively. However, for Ken, finding Andrew is his priority now.
Melinda Thompson speaks fluent German, English and French. She is blonde with brown eyes. Andrew has fair hair and brown eyes. The public has been advised not to approach Melinda Thompson if seen.
Family and friends of Andrew contacted to share this story with us and appeal to anyone who may have a clue to where Andrew is. So Moms and Dads, please help this family out by Facebooking this info, Tweeting about it and basically try to reach across as many people as you can. The more people we reach, the greater our chance is of finding Andrew. Let’s make it a priority in helping reunite this little boy with his father.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Andrew and Melinda, please contact local police, Interpol, or the Australian Federal Police at +61-2-6126-7777.
For more information do pay a visit here.
Do also spend a few minutes and watch this video of Andrew John Thompson


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