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Is there Official Liberal Government bias against men and fathers in Ontario

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Mike Murphy
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David Orazietti , MPP Sault Ste. Marie


26 January 2010 14:53
Ontario Children's Aid Societies and Misandry


The Honourable Laurel Broten
Minister of Children and Youth Services and

Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

M-1B114, Macdonald Block
900 Bay Street
Toronto ON
M7A 1N3

My Dear Minister:

The Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies is having a conference outlined in part below this March, 2010. I have published a two authored article on several of my blogs on the  merging of  feminist Ideology and child protection.   The violence against women sector (VAW) would have you believe all men are abusers and all women victims when DV  is pretty much equal between genders. I will be dealing with the issue of gender bias barring battered men from tax supported shelters in a Human Rights Complaint later this winter or early spring.

Given males
can still vote and constitute at least 49% of voters in this province a backlash may emerge when not only the appearance of bias is evident but the actual practice of same emerges from such an alliance as seems to be in the making.

I would respectively request a response given this Association of CAS`is a Government Tax supported lobby group, however it might occur directly or indirectly, and it has already started criticizing you for possible budget cuts, as yet, unannounced, and this move to align itself with feminist ideology may make it more politically incorrect for your male cabinet colleagues and caucus, already ducking or acquiescing to the feminist lobby at every turn to undertake difficult decisions in the not too distant future.
The Katelyn Sampson death was a classic example of misplaced priorities where a young girl was killed by a drug addicted female prostitute who received the child from her drug addicted mother aided by the Ontario court system.  Minister Bentley`s response, while wearing his white ribbon, a symbol of female oppression at the hands of the patriarchy,  was to further target men. I found the misplaced logic very Interesting but not surprising.

I would want your official views on this apparent merging of ideology and child protection. I would also ask if your views are the same as your predecessor, Deb Matthews, in that you will not be providing men with access to DV resources, including shelters. I understand you have access to at least $208,000,000.00 for women based on Matthews numbers but there is no equivalent for males.  This does not include the money set aside exclusively for females in legal aid which is in the 10`s of millions.

The published postings follow.

Yours truly,

Mike Murphy
Sault Ste. Marie ON  P6A 6J8
Promote Bill C-422 Equal Shared Parenting
cc Dalton McQuinty, Premier, David Orazietti, MPP, Sault Ste. Marie, Chris Bentley, AG

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