Sunday, January 3, 2010

Women Who Beat Their Men - Every 38 seconds a man is being abused at the hands of a woman!

This is unfortunately far too common but the MSM just ignores it. In the past short while we have seen Chris Brown get clubbed with a stiletto heal (who got charged?), Tiger Woods with a 9 iron to the head, and Mary K. Blige the hypocrite who started a DV shelter for women only punch out her hubby at a night club. None of these women were charged but look what happened to Charlie Sheen and his wife has recanted. Coming up on Thursday this week.MJM

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Thursday, January 7th

Domestic abuse takes a surprising turn. In the past, men have been the ones under fire for being abusive in relationships. Now, as more and more victims of domestic abuse are speaking out, a new trend in the violence is surfacing. We're talking to women who've admitted to hitting, punching, even kicking (in stilettos) their boyfriends and husbands. Tyra also talks to a newlywed bride whose sex life is dwindling because of her husband's weight gain. 

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