Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Batman and Robin" target Willow Man


4:15pm Sunday 14th March 2010

A GROUP of fathers’ rights campaigners, including men dressed as Batman and Robin, descended on the Willow Man near Bridgwater this afternoon.

The group, who say they were part of the New Fathers 4 Justice group, arrived at the iconic statue off the M5 motorway at around 2pm today.

The campaigners, who say they want greater rights for fathers to see their children, attempted to peg a 10ft St George’s flag near the Willow Man with the words Vote English written on it, a reference to their support for the English Democrats political party.

A spokesman for the group said the man dressed as Batman left the scene after a traffic officer arrived but it was not known what had happened to the man dressed as Robin.

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