Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Victim feminist organization in USA mounts campaign to become enablers of child abuse called Parental Alienation

Fathers & Families a Children's, Parent's and Dad's advocacy group in the United States  has been spearheading a campaign to get Parental Alienation into the ongoing research for the upcoming revision of DSM-V ( Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), the American Psychological Association’s reference work for determining whether a person has certain disorders. You can participate by clicking here. The National Association of Women (NOW) a strident,  well funded Marxist Victim Feminist group is playing the gender card on it and mounting a counter claim.

This is excellent for a number of reasons. The first one is this emotional abuse of children is not gendered. There is ample history of it before the courts and in studies to clearly show the non-gendered nature of it. Both moms and dads do it but because it is associated with custody more often than not, and moms in Canada get physical custody in 90% of cases (in the USA 86%) it has more frequency with moms.  Either way it is terrible emotional abuse of children and the target parent.  It will call NOW out to have to explain its posture, which will be the old canards that women are victims of abuse and it is used by men as a court room tactic to continue the abuse and get custody.  Given Lesbians are doing it I wonder what NOW calls that. Wait, I think they have invented something else to rationalize it and I can't wait to hear what it is.  If you have contact with NOW let me know the term they use and their explanation.

Another important factor is related to mendacity and that is how NOW is able to still attract revenue from the gullible politicians to keep them going.  According to NOW women do not abuse. They are benign and only respond defensively or because of hormone imbalances. In other words they are completely controlled by the Patriarchy that nebulous and invisible force of masculinity that rules everything.  The argument is as fallacious today as it was when created but the propaganda machine this organization has works wonders. It matters not that social science shows females initiate violence more than men, lesbians have a higher rate, mutual aggression between genders is about equal and single moms are the largest group to kill or maltreat children on a national scale in the USA and in Australia.  When they start the same kind of campaign ranting on without any scientific proof about Parental Alienation large numbers of credible people in the Social Sciences, Legal, as well as target male and female parents can speak out against it with facts.

Let the debate begin and lets get NOW out in the open to explain their case. Lets get a person to person debate going with people like Glenn Sacks, Mark Rudov and many others with these feminists.  I'm certainly willing to get involved in a forum to bring their house of cards crashing down. It may well be the turning point of the gender wars where if we make them look like the mendacious purveyors of mythology they really are we can get help for men who also suffer from Domestic abuse.

 This is the Action Alert to counter the Fathers & Families campaign under the auspices of  NOW’s Tracy Simmons:
I am writing you, the leaders of various groups that represent battered women, for your help in one of the most important matters we will address this year. The American Psychiatric Association is considering adding Parental Alienation to the Diagnosticians book, which would legitimize this legal tactic into a real disorder.

Parental Alienation Syndrome has now morphed into Parental Alienation Disorder thanks to the fathers’ rights organizations who are wildly pushing this through, and why wouldn’t they? It benefits the abuser and discriminates against the victims of abuse, which are overwhelmingly women.

This gender specific, abuse excuse, junk science can not be allowed to enter into the scientific community as there is nothing scientific about a syndrome/disorder whose only symptoms are a uterus, divorce papers, and bruises. I ask that you all to take action against legitimizing this outrageous theory by e-mailing the APA and asking your groups to do the same.

Lets ensure we stay involved and counter these deniers of severe emotional abuse of children and in so doing clearly show they are enablers of child abuse not protectors of children.  They have only one thing in mind. The continuation of the entitlement system in place for feminists and for them, as always, the end justifies the means.

Fathers & Families has a very good FAQ page on Parental Alienation here

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